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I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging, the blogosphere, and especially my blog and I decided to make some changes and I really hope you stick around for them! Continue reading this post to learn more about it.

I had originally created a blog called “still pixels” for my photography and I have an Instagram account to go along with it as well. I like everything I did over there for the two weeks I was doing it, but I think juggling two blogs is difficult; especially when I neglect this one A LOT over the last year. With a new year coming I want to make some changes to the content on this blog.

With that being said, I am going to slowly make this blog be about all the things I like and not only books. It’ll also be where I talk about random things happening in my life. A little journal (ish) in a way. Also, kind of like how I was doing with my random picture posts that I’ve done over the last couple years, but there will be more of it; not just once in awhile.

I’m going to migrate some of the things that I posted on Still Pixels over to this blog as well, because I liked the content that I made and posted there; like the headers that I made from the pictures that I took. I’m not going to delete Still Pixels, because in the future I may want to try again with that blog. I’ll be leaving it active, but not updating it (for now). I’m leaving my Instagram account for Still Pixels (stillpixels_) active too, but not updating that right now either. I put that account to private for now.

I will still be updating about books here, but books may not necessarily be my main focus. I don’t plan to rename this blog or anything, because “Socially Awkward Bookworm” still portrays who I am as a person. I am still (and forever) socially awkward and I am still (and forever) a bookworm. There’s more to me than just books though, so I want to talk about and share those things too. I love blogging, but sometimes not always about books and I have no idea where else to put the things in my head.

I think that’s another reason why I’ve been pretty MIA in the blogosphere over the last year and a half. I don’t always want to blog about books, but this blog has always been centered around books and I felt like maybe it would have been wrong in some way to post other things besides book related things and the casual picture update. So I’ve slowly stepped away, I guess you can say. I don’t want to do that though, because I love having a place to put my thoughts and my pictures (other than Instagram).

BUT! With a new year approaching rather quickly, I decided I am going to embrace it and post whatever I want to post about; whether that be books, music, tv shows, traveling, photography, or anything else happening in my life. This will be a space for all of that and more. In life if things aren’t working out for you anymore, you change it, or leave it behind.ย I don’t want to do anything in life that isn’t going to make me happy.

“I’m so focused on my own energy right now and people misinterpret that. I’m not being distant. I’m just gravitating to the vibes that suit me.”

I want to live a life where I am happy with all of my choices and what I am doing and I want my blog to reflect that too. I want to live my life as stress free as humanly possible and if that means having to let some things or people go, then so be it. Life is too short to be anything other than happy and who you want to be. Life is too short to not have the things you want and do the things that you want to do. I’m all about good vibes and that’s the way I want to live my life always.

“I’m learning to be more calm and patient these days. Just can’t afford to let anything or anyone steal my happiness.”

“The more in harmony you are with the flow of your own existence, the more magical life becomes.”

There will still be TONS of talk about books too; no one will ever be able to take away my love for books and the need to talk about them. You’ll just get to see more into my life as well and that could be pretty fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

Twitter:ย whoa_itsashley
Instagram:ย heyyitsashley
Bookstagram:ย foreverbookish_


14 thoughts on “Blog Changes.

  1. I love that you do photography, Iโ€™m a hobby photographer myself and will start posting more about my travels bookish or not. What you are trying to do with your blog, Iโ€™m going to try to do with one of my IG accounts. Itโ€™s mostly flowers, but I would like to include travels and bookish photos as well. So thatโ€™s my goal for next year. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thank you! That’s awesome that you do photography too. I’m not a pro or anything like that, but I love taking pictures and learning new ways to take them. That’s awesome that you’re going to post more about your travels on your blog as well. That’ll be fun to check out! I am obsessed with taking pictures of flowers, haha. I take quite a bit of them! Good luck with your goal! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I think it’s such a great choice you’re making here, Ashley. Blogging should be something we love, and if you feel like talking about more than just books, then I’m saying YES. I can’t wait to read your new content, I really love your pictures and all of your random little posts. I hope these changes will make blogging more fun for you ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    • Thank you, Marie! I love blogging, but it did start to feel more like a chore for the longest time. Hopefully these new changes will make me start really loving blogging again and make it more fun. I can’t wait to start planning some new content for my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

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