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I am so tired today. I’ve been sick and not sleeping very well. 😦 Hopefully I don’t have this cold for very long. It’s been a few days now and I am so ready for it to be gone, sigh. This post will be an update about random things going on in my life and pictures I’ve taken throughout the last month or so.

We (the fiancé and I) are currently in the process of moving next door to my mom’s apartment. We are actually switching apartments with her. We need more space and hers is a lot bigger than the one that we are currently living in. I’m really not looking forward to taking down all my books from my bookshelves and having to put them all back, lol. My younger sister is going to be living with us too since she is currently living with our mom, so we are gaining more space and my sister HAHA. 😛 We are definitely in need of more space because we just got a new KITTEN!

This is October.

The fiancé decided to give her a middle name, so it’s October Sky, LOL. I named her October, because she looks Halloweenie. I also love October and Halloween. So the name is perfect for her. She was actually a stray kitten that was roaming around our house, so I decided to claim her as mine, haha! We took her to the vet and now she’s healthy and mine. They estimated her to be 7-8 weeks old. I’m pretty obsessed with how cute she is. I just hope that ColbyJack (my other cat) gets along with her. They haven’t met yet. CJ isn’t very fond of other animals besides Dax. Dax will love October, because he loves any baby animals (or kids), lol.

Honestly, this post was really just to show off my new kitten because she’s so cute. BUT I will share with you some other pictures too. 😛

I remember mentioning a couple times that I seen The Front Bottoms and they were perfect live! I don’t think I ever posted any pictures, so here are a few from the concert. It was so much fun and definitely in my top five favorite bands I’ve seen live.

The fiancé and I discovered this pretty amazing dog park that had this lake for dogs to swim in. Our dog of course is scared of water, so he wasn’t a fan of the lake part. There were tons of other dogs swimming in it. It was really neat and the water was such a pretty color.

I’ll move onto a few bookish pictures. Here are the two books that I am currently reading. Mistborn and Hearts, Fingers, and Other Things to Cross. I am really enjoying Mistborn and I’m a little over 200 pages into it. I just started Hearts, Fingers today so I am not that far into it. I know I’ll love it though, because the first two books in the series I absolutely loved so much.

I’ve been doing a photo a day book challenge on my bookstagram and here are two pictures from that. The first one was “yellow books” and the second was “book & sunset”.

It was really overcast yesterday and cloudy, so I wasn’t able to get a picture of an actual sunset but I did try to choose sunset type book covers and colors.

The fiancé went to Colorado and brought me back this really cute shirt. We are still searching for pizza for our wedding. This one was pretty amazing, minus the canned mushrooms they used. That was a little disappointing, but everything else was  awesome! Other pizza places have always used fresh mushrooms.

Here are my other furbabies, because I have to include them and I don’t want the new kitten to take away from them, lol. 😛 Book pictured was Yellow Brick War. I recently finished that at the end of May. It was really good, but it didn’t always blow me away. It was still enjoyable though.

Last but not least, two random rainy day pictures. Rainy day rainbow and rainy day sunset.

That’s all for this post! 😀 Feel free to add me on Instagram if you want to see more of my pictures. I’ll link them down below. One is my personal account and one is my bookstagram, which is pretty much only books/book related.

Instagram: heyyitsashley – personal account
Bookstagram: foreverbookish_ – book account

I hope you have a great day!


14 thoughts on “Random|| Update with pictures

  1. October is SO cute! And you’re right: she does look Halloweeny! 🙂
    And… having pizza at your wedding so you can spend time legitimately eating loads of pizza while searching for wedding pizza is sheer genius. I wish I’d thought of that! Might have to have a 10 year pizza anniversary party (when we get there).

    • I love that she looks Halloweenie, because I love Halloween lol!
      Deciding to have pizza at my wedding was probably the greatest choice ever made. I get to go to all these different pizza places and eat pizza, which I LOVE! We try to go every Saturday, so we have already tried a ton a places. Hah.

  2. October is such a great name for your cat. 😀 Glad she found a loving, caring home! Good luck with your move! I’ve moved a good 13 houses in my entire 20 years of being on this Earth LOLOL, so I feel your pain on moving books. I had to leave so many behind when I moved to America! 😦

    The picture with the rainbow is so perfect. I’ve never seen a full rainbow, so just looking at pictures of full ones seem like a dream! I hope you feel better. ❤

    • I am so glad I decided on October and that she has a good home now. Sadly my neighborhood is filled with stray cats running around, so who knows how long she would have made it out there. Plus I’m in Florida and it’s like 90 degrees out there! I’m glad I have her now.

      I’ve moved around a lot in my life as well and it SUCKS every single time, haha. Luckily the boy did most of the moving while I was at work yesterday LOL! So I just had to come home and put everything away and reorganize it all. I still have tons of that to do though.

      It’s so hard getting good pictures of rainbows here, because there are so many houses, trees, and buildings around. I’m glad it was in a good place this time, lol.

      Thanks ❤

  3. OMG October is too adorable! ❤ I have been thinking about adopting another kitten, but Jasmin is so jealous that they probably would just end up fighting. xD

    • I was so worried that my cat ColbyJack would hate the kitten, but he likes her. He doesn’t really mess with her or anything and sometimes he’ll follower her around. The kitten hates my dog though. 😦 I hope she gets used to him soon. The pup wants so badly to play with her, but she wants no part in him around her lol. And that makes me nervous, because starting tomorrow I am dogsitting my cousin’s little dog for a month. So October will have two dogs around, yikes.

      • Sometimes they take a little while to get used to each other… And luckily both dogs are small so they won’t be able to hurt each other much. My dog is a complete disaster when it comes to anything small; my inlaws have a dachshund and even she is afraid of him xD. The big brute even almost crushed a kitten twice last year just because he wanted to play… Hopefully October will be adapting soon though! At least ColbyJack already accepted her.

      • ColbyJack was the one I was most concerned about not accepting her, because he doesn’t really like other animals besides our dog. He doesn’t seem to mind her though, so that’s good. We just moved, so I think once we get fully settled in and no so much moving things around then they will hopefully get used to each other.

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