Eleanor & Park.

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I know I am slacking with the 30 day book challenge I started. I guess I just haven’t been up for it the past few days. I might get back to it soon. I figured I would do a post for the 2015 Reading Challenge I am attempting to also do. There is a category for it on my blog if you want to check out other posts.


I finished Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell in one day (yesterday). I started to listen to it at work and then I HAD to finish it, because I was just so into the book. I usually just pick it up the next day at work if it wasn’t finished. I couldn’t do that with this one, because I wanted to know how it ended and I only had three more hours of it left. This book was perfect. So perfect. I was crying throughout the entire book. I am not sure that I like the way that the book ended though. 😦 Overall, I loved it! Park was perfect and probably every girl’s dream guy. Eleanor, I really liked her, but at times she annoyed me. The book made me happy and it also made me so sad! This was me geeking out at work…



Have you read Eleanor & Park? Is there any books that have made you cry?

On a random note: I kind of feel overwhelmed right now with the amount of books I have to read (well want to read/bought). I’m also kind of annoyed at myself, because I haven’t been reading as much as I would have hoped I would this month (at least physical books anyway – I listen to tons of audiobooks while working). I’ve kind of just been not in the mood for it, I guess. I did get through a lot of Dorothy Must Die over the weekend and I am making it a point to finish it before the month is over. I have five books I got from Netgalley that I should start on and that is kind of overwhelming in itself…sigh.

I think over the last couple months I have put so much stress on myself over this that it has been feeling like a chore (and probably why I am finding it hard to want to read) and that’s never a good thing; especially when books and reading are some of my favorite things. I try to live a stress-free life, so it kind of sucks when some of my favorite things are the cause of the little stress that I do have in my life. When I say stress-free, I really mean it. I never let things get to me. Even if something bad happens, I just accept and move on. I’m a lot happier when I live that way, so I really don’t let things get to me and it sucks that this actually is. Part of me feels kind of silly about this, but it is what it is.

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Last but not least; here’s a random picture of me and my pup from the other night. I love this dude so much! You have no idea.


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Hi 🙂

This post is going to be two different challenges into one post, since I am going to use the same book for both. I am doing day nine of the 30 day book challenge and a topic from the POPSUGAR 2015 Reading Challenge.

Day 09A book you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.
Also, A book by a female author.


I’ve heard so many things about Fangirl and noticed so many people loved the book. I read the description and it didn’t really sound like a book I would like, so I never read it. I continued to hear good things about it and I continued to go back and forth deciding if I should read it. I recently discovered that I could listen to audiobooks on an app on my iPhone that connects to my public library, so I decided to listen to Fangirl while working this week. I ended up liking it a lot more than I ever thought I would.

This was the first time I read (well listened in this case 😉 ) a book by Rainbow Rowell (although I do have two other books that have been on my TBR list), so it was interesting to finally see how she writes. I felt like I could relate to Cath a lot, even now. I loved the story and I loved the parts of Simon Snow that were included and the fanfiction that Cath wrote about Simon and Baz. Levi…oh Levi, he was perfect. I love my boyfriend to death (been with him a little over seven years), but I won’t lie, there were times I wish he were more like Levi, lol. All guys need a little Levi in them!

I am glad I finally gave in and read the book. I think that the book is relatable for a lot of people, especially younger people, fresh out of high school, trying to make it in the real world and through college. Finding yourself and what really is important in your life. I never did college like that (small community college in Fort Myers for me), but it was nice getting a small peek into that. Sometimes I did get annoyed with some of the characters and the story, but overall I really liked it.

I am also excited that Rainbow Rowell is releasing Carry On as a real book! I am excited to read more about Simon and Baz. Throughout the book I was wishing I could hear more about them. The little scenes about them were nice, but I wanted more of it. Carry On is supposed to be released this year in October, so that is something to look forward to!


Have you read Fangirl? If so, what did you think and are you looking forward to the Simon Snow story?

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Off to have dinner and possibly read or find a new show on Netflix. Have any Netflix suggestions?