March reads recap.

HEY! 🙂

The month of March went by so fast it seems like. I got through eleven books in March, which is one book short from the last two months. These are books I physically read myself and audiobooks that I listened to at work. These aren’t really in the order that I read them, but you can find them also listed over here along with all the other books that I have read so far this year. All will be linked to Goodreads below.

Angelfall by Susan Ee
World After by Susan Ee
5 stars for both.

These books were SO great. I actually loved them a lot more than I thought I was going to. I am impatiently waiting for the last book to come out; End of Days. I loved the whole apocalypse and angels mix. I am also totally in love with Raffe. I would definitely recommend this series. I was desperately looking for a new series to absolutely fall in love with and this has been it so far!

A Good and Useful Hurt by Aric Davis
5 stars.
You can also check out my post on this book here.

I really loved and enjoyed this book. It was different and really interesting. It was a really good mystery/thriller type book. I loved the idea of the book and it came together so nicely. I loved that it had a touch of supernatural to it too. It was a good find and read for me.

Monstrous by Sean Platt & David W. Wright
3 stars.

The book sounded like it was going to be a really interesting and good read, but I ended up not liking it as much as I thought I would. It annoyed me more than anything and I almost didn’t want to finish it. I pushed through it though and it just wasn’t something I loved.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
4 stars.
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Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
5 stars.
You can also check out my post on this book here.

For so long I went back and forth deciding if I ever wanted to read Fangirl. The hype was kind of crazy and the description sounded like something I wouldn’t like. I ended up enjoying the book and I am really excited about the Simon Snow spinoff book to be released in October: Carry On. Eleanor & Park was a book that I had on my TBR and I LOVED IT! It was perfect, it had me crying, and it had me so happy. The ending though, I didn’t really care for it that much.

The Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons
4 stars.
You can also check out my post on this book here.

This book was chosen for the March read in the book club that I am in. I was excited to read it, because it sounded like it would be a great read and it was! I loved the story and a lot of the characters were so great. It is also one of those books that make you really think about society and what it is and what it could be. ALSO…Kristen Simmons totally tweeted me a smiley face. 😉


Lost in Babylon by Peter Lerangis
4 stars.

This is the second book in the Seven Wonders series and one of three started but never finished books I had. I decided to get the audiobook from my library, so I could finish it by listening to it at work. The book was great and I really enjoyed it. I wish I didn’t ever stop reading it before, but I am glad I was able to actually finish it. The characters are great and it has it’s funny moments. The kids in these books are dying and have to travel to the seven wonders looking for Loculus that will save their lives. So far I have really enjoyed the Seven Wonders series, so I am looking forward to reading the next book.

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
4 stars for both.

For a few years now I have been going back and forth on if I wanted to read this series or not. I finally decided to give it a chance when I seen the audiobooks available at my library. My library had these enhanced versions, so it was pretty interesting. I could hear all the thunder storms, listen to the songs (16 Moons, 17 Moons, 18 Moons), hahaha. Or if things were being thrown and breaking. It was fun! The story itself has been good and enjoyable, so I am glad I decided to give them a chance. I think the enhanced audiobooks have helped with me liking them a lot though. It really made me feel like I was right there with them. I watched the movie for Beautiful Creatures and was so disappointed with it though.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling
4 stars.

I was able to get the second Harry Potter done this month and I enjoyed it. It was another of the three on my list of books I started, but never finished. I gave it four stars, because it was really enjoyable and I never got bored of it. I still don’t understand why everyone is so obsessed with the series though. Maybe my opinion will change as I read the other books. Or maybe it’s something I should have read as a kid and might have really loved it even more if I did. I don’t know! But I didn’t hate it and it was really enjoyable and I do want to continue with the series.

I sadly did not finish Dorothy Must Die this month like I really hoped I would. This reading slump kind of took away from that and I had a lot of my TV shows started back up this month too, so that also didn’t help. I love the book so far though and the worse part of a reading slump is when you actually enjoy the book, but still can’t get yourself to read it.

Can he just exterminate my reading slump?
Look at all these wonderful books waiting to be read!


I am really hoping that April will be better and I can get through a lot of the books that I really want to get through. Most of the books this month were audiobooks and I do love audiobooks at work, but I also enjoy physically reading books myself too and I have TONS that I bought that I want to read. So let’s hope April is a lot better with reading more books myself versus audiobooks. I’m going to try to stick with a list and my book jar once I get my list done.

Just in case you missed them, here is the last post I did and my recap post from February and January.

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I can’t wait to start reading and listening to some more books in April. I am currently listening to Beautiful Chaos and next Linger. As for physically reading books, I am currently finishing Dorothy Must Die and then going to read The Lie by C.L. Taylor (which I will have a review on afterward) and Throne of Glass. These are books that I for sure want to get done in April along with plenty of more (I just need a starting point). Once I get caught up on everything that I know I need to read ASAP, I want to start doing more reviews on my blog. As for right now, I am off to go lay down and attempt to read. I am actually sick, so I am thinking about going to sleep early tonight. Terribly sorry for the kind of massive post, lol. 😉

What were some of the books that you read this month? Or if you have a recap post, link me! 🙂 It’s always nice seeing and hearing what others have read. What books are you looking forward to reading in April?



This is a weekly MEME hosted by Taking on a World of Words. Simply answer the following questions. 🙂

The three Ws are:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

*Goodreads links in the pictures

What are you currently reading?

Yes Please I am reading on my own and The Woodcutter has been my audiobook. I will have The Woodcutter finished today though. 🙂 So far I am loving Yes Please and I am on the fence about The Woodcutter. I do like it, but I thought I was going to like it more than I am right now. I’m not finished yet, so my thoughts could change. I might do a post on it once I am done.

What did you recently finish reading?

Greyhound I did a post on my blog here. I absolutely loved the book so much. Artemis Fowl I really enjoyed also and I am excited about reading more of the series. Time’s Edge was really good and I ended up liking the series (so far) more than I thought I was going to. I’m looking forward to the third book that comes out this year.

What do you think you’ll read next?
I said I wanted to read the books that I started but never finished, but I am having trouble wanting to pick them up. I’ve found a ton of books that I rather read. Sad, sad, I know. I swear by the end of this year I will have them done. It’s hard to choose what I want to read next because I have SO MANY that I want to read NOW! lol. Here are some that are on my TBR and that I may read next. No promises because I really won’t know until it’s time. I need to find a better solution to this problem! lol.


Big Little Lies I found at Goodwill and it was on my reading list, so I want to read that. Flush I’ve had the book for years and never read it, so I want to get around to that. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry sounds like it would be a great book and I am excited about reading it. Shame sounds like a book I will love (I hope it doesn’t let me down) and that’s gonna be my next audiobook that I’m gonna start tomorrow. So I will probably read these next. I’m trying to at least read books I own before I go crazy buying books again. So far all of these have been owned or from Kindle Unlimited.

And here is a picture of my Time Lord Kitty, just because. ❤

What are you currently reading? Finished reading? Reading next?

Versatile Blog Award.



I have been nominated by Lu-Lu’s Rants & Reads for the Versatile Blogger Award. She has an awesome blog, has tons of book related posts that are great, and she might be my younger twin. 😉

For this award, I am meant to thank the person who nominated me, share 7 facts about me, show the award on my blog and nominate 15 other people.

7 facts about me:

1. I am 26 years old and I do not have my driver’s license. Insane? Most likely. I messed up in high school and never got around to getting it afterward. I REALLY want to get it this year though, so that is one of my goals for 2015. It sucks having to rely on others and not able to do things on your own time.

2. I have two furbabies! Dax is my five year old Shih Tzu and I had him since he was a little tiny puppy. My other furbaby is my 1.5 year old kitten named ColbyJack. He’s named after the cheese and I had him since he was 4-5 weeks old. They are the best of friends (brothers 🙂 ). Words can’t even explain how much I love them. I spend all my time with them when the boyfriend isn’t home because I lack friends and all that.
IMG_22773. I am slighty…actually I AM addicted to Bath & Body Works. I own at least 500 (yes hundreds) of products from them. Remember in one of my posts I said you might not be ready to see my other weakness? Well this is it. I have 55 body sprays, 30 shower gels, 10 lotions, and probably about 400 hand sanitizers. Here’s the proof…well the proof of hand sanitizers anyway.

4. I have six tattoos: flowers on my right foot (I got it done in the Bahamas), puzzle piece on my right leg, robot on my left leg, “Remember To Breathe” on my left wrist, music note on my right wrist, and a star on my right hand (and the bestie has one too).

5. I am a huge Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Sherlock fangirl. Doctor Who being the number one. I can’t even count how many Doctor Who themed things I own. I have a huge framed exploding TARDIS picture in my living room. I also have these in my living room…
IMG_2275 Not sure if you can tell, but the Sherlock one says “I believe in Sherlock Holmes” and the Doctor Who one says “We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one.” The other says “Supernatural” and has Sam, Dean, and Castiel on it.

6. I love taking pictures. I’m not a pro at it or anything like that, but I like taking pictures of anything and everything. I really love taking pictures of the sun (sunsets, sunrises) and that could also play a role into the reason why I have glasses now; that and the fact that I read too much. I usually post my pictures on Instagram (heyyitsashley). I’ve been obsessed with taking macro shots. Here’s a bee I saw crawling on the sidewalk outside of work.

7. I am pretty sure I am a hypochondriac. The slightest problem with me and I believe I am dying or close to death. My boyfriend hates it, but I can’t help it sometimes, lol. I also have a problem with always picturing the worst happening. It’s hard to explain. Umm…let’s say I am going over a bridge…I will start coming up with scenarios in my head about how I can escape if the bridge was to collapse. I just come with scenarios in my head about anything and everything, kind of like a “just in case” type thing.

This got a lot longer than it really should have, lol! Thank you Lu-Lu’s Rants & Reads for nominating me! I just started my blog up again, so it’s hard to come up with 15 nominations.

But, I nominate…
The Art of Failing
Thistles and Whistles
The Worn Bookmark

I’m off to watch Supernatural with the boyfriend. We are on season nine and season ten has been sitting on the DVR waiting to be watched since it started! 🙂