Razorland Series.

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I’m back! I did a post this morning for Top Ten Tuesday with my all-time favorite books, but now I’m back to post my day two for the 30 day book challenge.

Day 02: A book or series you wish more people were reading and talking about.


Razorland trilogy. I read these books back in 2012-2013 and I personally didn’t see much talk about them then or now. Enclave, Outpost, and Horde are the main three books in the series; Endurance was a side book in the series about what happened with other characters after Enclave.

I personally loved this series so much and it’s one of my top favorite series. I was randomly looking for books to read on Kindle and I came across Enclave because it happened to be free at the time, so of course I read it. It sounded interesting enough and it was free, so why not. I wasn’t expecting too much because I figured if it was free, was it really going to be THAT good? I really liked it and it only got better.

I loved the whole concept of the story and I loved the characters in the book. I loved that Ann Aguirre explained things so well that it was easy to visualize things and there were times that I got kind of grossed out (because of the monsters aka “Freaks”), because they were explained so well. It’s hard to talk about it without giving a lot away in case anyone wants to read, but it was interesting throughout all the books how the Freaks changed and developed.


I wish that more people were reading and talking about it because it really is a great series, especially if you like dystopia. Of course that’s my own personal opinion, though.

Goodreads for Enclave: “New York City has been decimated by war and plague, and most of civilization has migrated to underground enclaves, where life expectancy is no more than the early 20’s. When Deuce turns 15, she takes on her role as a Huntress, and is paired with Fade, a teenage Hunter who lived Topside as a young boy. When she and Fade discover that the neighboring enclave has been decimated by the tunnel monsters–or Freaks–who seem to be growing more organized, the elders refuse to listen to warnings. And when Deuce and Fade are exiled from the enclave, the girl born in darkness must survive in daylight–guided by Fade’s long-ago memories–in the ruins of a city whose population has dwindled to a few dangerous gangs.”

Have you read the Razorland Trilogy? If so, what did you think about it? Is there any books that you wish more people were reading?

Unrelated: I mentioned in my post from earlier that today was my birthday. Well, my boyfriend bought me the cork board and whiteboard I wanted and I am pretty excited about it. My older sister got me a shirt that has Karl Pilkington (from An Idiot Abroad) on it and I am in love with it. I also got some really cute balloons from my younger sister. I went to Target after work and bought two books that I’ve been wanting to read and one I’ve had on my TBR list since 2013 and I bought some cute pens and more cute paper clips and thumbtacks, lol. I am pretty much a geek and get excited about weird stuff.


I’ve had Cinder on my TBR list since 2013 and I’ve been really wanting to read Red Queen. 🙂 Not entirely sure when I will get around to them, but hopefully if not this month then for sure April. Anyway, this is long enough and I am starving. The boyfriend made homemade pizza rolls for dinner, YUM! BYE! ❤

30 Day Book Challenge // Day One & Stuff.

Hello! ❤

A couple months ago I found a bunch of 30 day book challenges on Pinterest, so I decide that I would do one this month. There will be a “category” for it on my blog to locate the posts easier.

Day 01: A book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just freaking end already. 


The Mortal Instruments series. I decided to go with a book series that I wish would just freaking end. It FINALLY ended though! I had a love/hate relationship with this series. I felt that it went on way too long. In my opinion it could have ended perfectly at book three. It took me two months to finish the last book (City of Heavenly Fire). I would start reading it, get insanely bored and then I would stop to read something else (I ended up reading five books before I finally finished it). It was kind of a huge disappointment, because I really loved the second and third books. It started to go downhill during book four. I was pretty much over the entire series after I read book four.


Did you read The Mortal Instruments series? How did you feel about it?

Unrelated: My birthday is tomorrow and one of the things my boyfriend bought me was a new bookcase (it’s pretty tall – five shelves – picture below and it doesn’t even show the entire thing) and I was pretty excited about it. We basically kind of celebrated on Saturday since my birthday falls on a week day. We also got frozen yogurt and my younger sister came along with us. A new frozen yogurt shop opened up right down the road from our house called Orange Leaf and it’s so good! We’ve already gone three times in the last week, lol.


I hope everyone had a great weekend and got lots of reading done. I didn’t get that much reading done this weekend. I did read some more of Dorothy Must Die and I started to read some of The Glass Arrow. I wouldn’t normally read two books at once (unless I’m listening to an audiobook at work), but since I am reading The Glass Arrow as part of a book club I’m in (Bloggers’ Book Club) I decided to see how I feel about reading two books at once. I was basically running around yesterday, so I didn’t get much reading done. I was on the hunt for wallpaper/contact paper and it took three hours and four stores later to find some that was cute enough! Before I go, I have my February reads recap post up over here. 🙂 Off to work!

Here we go again!

I completely fail at keeping up with my blog! I never really had a set theme for this blog, so it was easy to fall off the face of the earth when it comes to this. I also got further sucked into my books and of course, Netflix! I have spent the last couple months watching Supernatural with the boyfriend, so that has taken up a good amount of my time. We are both currently obsessed with it almost as much as we are with Doctor Who! We still have about four seasons to go with Supernatural.

Anyway, here I am once again! This time I have a plan and I hope I stick with it. I am in love with books and I have already read five books just this month. I came across some book reading challenges and I figured that I would make this blog about books! It’ll be fun to talk about books and share books that I love and give reviews. I just finished Water for Elephants today and I absolutely loved it! More on that another time though. 🙂

I also plan to post about music and reviews on that; share some of my favorite bands and talk about concerts I’ve been to or plan to go to. Last year I went to about seven concerts! I will probably also post pictures I take. I love taking pictures and sharing them. I religiously use Instagram on a daily basis. It’s probably all I use other than Pinterest (which I am beyond addicted to) and Goodreads. Links to all in the About the Blog section.

Hopefully I’ll get to my 642 Things to Write About book too. A lot of the topics seem fun and will definitely challenge me and push my mind and creativity to places I’ve never gone before. I’m not the greatest writer in the world, but it’ll help me to get better at it. Who knows! I mostly prefer to be on the other side of writing; the countless hours of reading.

So there’s that. I’ll probably go through some of the book challenge topics over the weekend and set up a better plan for it. I also want to look up some other book and music questions that I can answer and share in here too. There may also be random blog posts about random things. Right now I don’t have a working computer, so I’m using my iPhone or my iPad. It’ll make things difficult, but that’s life.

Off to lose myself in another book! I am currently reading the first Harry Potter book. I actually have never read any of the books or seen any of the movies. I feel like everyone in the world has, except me. Better late than never? 🙂