It finally happened!!



Sooo….if you follow me on social media then you probably know what I’m talking about. If you do not follow me on social media…I finally got new bookshelves!! It has been a year since I’ve seen all my books on a shelf together. I packed my books up a year ago thinking we were moving and it didn’t happen. I got rid of my old bookshelves at that point too, because I knew I wanted new ones and there was no point in moving them with us. When we ended up not moving, I just never unpacked them because I had nowhere for them. We also knew that we would be eventually moving just not at that moment.

As you guys already know, we did finally move. We’ve been at the new house for two months now and this weekend I FINALLY got my new bookshelves. I am so stoked about having them. I spent all Saturday night (8pm-1am) unpacking my books and putting them on my shelves. On Sunday we went back to Ikea and got one more (a corner one) to finish. I spent the rest of the day/afternoon finishing putting all my books and stuff on them. It took me FOREVER because I wanted it just right. So want to see a picture?


I am REALLY happy with the way that it all turned out. The only thing that will probably change is moving/swapping books around to different spots on the shelves. The majority of them I just put up there to get them off the floor. So they aren’t in any particular order or anything like that besides authors being together and series being together. The far left shelf (with my A W books on top) are all paperbacks & ARCs at the bottom of that shelf. The middle skinny shelf is some Funko Pops, some ARCs for this year, and miscellaneous paperbacks on the bottom two spots. The two bookshelves on the right of that smaller one are hardcover books. The last one has my Harry Potter books up top, a bunch of empty space (I NEED NEW BOOKS NOW :P) Some Funko Pops that I couldn’t fit on the top of my shelves and then the last spot being some miscellaneous books.

Throughout the day on Saturday & Sunday I was updating both of my Instagram accounts (heyyitsashley (personal) & foreverbookish_ (bookstagram) with the process of setting them up. I am so stoked that it’s finally done and I finally have my shelves. It looks really great in the room. I’m guilty of staring at them all day and at random times in the day coming into the room just to “check” on them HAHA. This room is also my office for work, so that’s cool haha. 😛

Anyway, I just wanted to do a little update about my new bookshelves since I am so happy about them. This last week has been pretty hard for me with the reading. I have so many books checked out from the library (UGH – I’m going to try to stay away from the library the next few months) and I’ve been trying to read them ASAP, but I’m now currently in the middle of three of them and I just can’t seem to get myself to read them because I don’t know which one to read first so I try to read them all and get overwhelmed/guilty for not reading others. WTF. It’s annoying, so I’ve just been in a reading slump this week. BUT I did just get the Daisy Jones & the Six audiobook from my library, so I am listening to that now while I work. I loved the book so much, so I had to check out the audiobook too.

I have to start my work day now, but I will hopefully catch up with your posts soon and reply to comments. I hope you had a great Easter or weekend if you don’t celebrate. 😀

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I hope you have a great day!