2019 books.


My Goodreads reading challenge is to read 60 books.


63 books read for goodreads challenge
22 audiobooks listened to
total books read: 85

I am not going to count audiobooks this year toward my Goodreads challenge goal, but I will still list all the audiobooks (with an *) that I listen to throughout the year. I’m doing another challenge this year and I will put an ABC next to the books that are for that challenge. You can check out the page linked below to see what the challenge is all about and the books that I plan to read for it.

Reading the Alphabet Challenge (ABC)
4 of 26 books

2019 Reading Goals.
*goals I’ve set for myself this year*

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All books below are linked to Goodreads, links to reviews if I’ve done one, and links to my monthly wrap up posts.

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