about me.

about me

  • Hey, it’s Ashley.
  • I am a Ravenclaw.
  • I currently live in Central Florida with the hubby.
  • We have four furbabies:
    • shih tzu dog named Dax
    • ginger cat named ColbyJack
    • calico cat named October
    • calico cat named Leaf
  • I am forever reading and buying books.
  • I also watch a lot of TV shows too.
    • Doctor Who
    • Supernatural
    • Sherlock
    • The Good Doctor
    • Stranger Things
    • Big Brother
    • A lot of reality TV shows
    • True Crime and court room shows
    • Plus so many more!!
  • I also like to occasionally play video games too.
    • Animal Crossing
    • Pokemon
    • Kingdom Hearts
    • And anything Mario related
  • I love music. I listen to pretty much everything but currently my favorite genres are Pop Punk and Emo Rap.
  • I love pizza & craft beer.
  • I love taking pictures and slightly addicted to Instagram (I have multiple accounts 😛 ).
    • My favorite things to take pictures of are nature, flowers, sunrises/sunsets, animals, and bugs.
  • I love exploring new parks and I try to go to as many as I can.

What you’ll find on my blog:

  • Bookish things (reviews, favorites, memes, book hauls, etc.).
    • I read books from almost every genre, but it’s been mostly Young Adult.
  • Photography.
    • AKA a million pictures of my furbabies and flowers. Other things too though, I swear. 😛
  • Travel.
  • Random things going on in my life.
  • Music.
  • TV Shows.
  • Fandoms.
  • Writing challenges/memes.

This blog first started off as a book only blog, but I have decided to expand it into all of my interests. It’s still pretty book heavy though. The  majority of my blog is about books, but with the casual non-bookish related post sprinkled in.

You can also find me actively on:

Enjoy! 🙂



207 thoughts on “about me.

  1. Hi Ashley ! I’ve been following you and really loving your blog, that’s why I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! 😀 I don’t know if you’ve done it yet, or not, you can check out my blog for details if you have some time!
    Always looking forward to your posts, have a great day! 🙂

  2. Okay! Would you review my book? It’s the first in a series of seven Titled The Water Travelers. I put the bio and link below if you’re interested/have room in your schedule! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! 🙂

    Book Blurb Bio:
    Adventure finds those who are brave enough to take the first step.

    Aaron never wanted to pursue kingship, but his care for the lives of his people forced him toward it. When his father, The King of Upitar, sends him on a quest to find a girl who was prophesied long ago to destroy their world, Aaron finds himself fighting the option of running away forever or fulfilling his destiny as the Heir of Upitar.

    By water traveling, a gift his people have that allows them to go back and forth between their world and Earth through water, Aaron starts this adventure with thousands of thoughts and questions racing around his head.

    While on his journey, he inadvertently meets the very girl he’s sent to kill, Madalyne Harper. Without knowing it’s her, an unlikely romance between the sarcastic and daring Madalyne Harper begins to flourish with the rebellious and curious, Prince Aaron Archien. As they grow closer, Aaron begins to learn of secrets within the Harper family regarding water travelers. Wanting to learn more, and wanting an excuse to hang out with Madi, Aaron continues to delay his original mission. As family problems and outside forces press down on them, Aaron and Madi soon find themselves running away together.

    Everything between them is great until Aaron learns the girl he has connected so well with is the same girl he’s going to have to kill…

    LINK :


    – Dan

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  80. Hello, Ashley! *waves*

    First of all, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU DO NOT LOOK 27.

    Secondly, you are an instant bookish friend. Here, have a friendship bracelet. I can’t wait to explore your blog after I post this awfully cheeky comment.

    Hello from Malaysia!


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  107. Hey! So I reached 500 followers on my blog and I am putting together a shoutout post to celebrate! I want to feature your blog and I was hoping to get some info from you! If you’re on Instagram as a book account or on Goodreads can I get your username to feature those accounts too? And if you could possibly provide a book recommendation or two that would be awesome as well! Thanks so much!
    Nicole ❤

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  119. Hi Ashley, I am an author with a new YA Fiction novel I would love hearing your impressions of and if you feel inspired to review: “Zehiya”
    The story takes place in Central Asia on the Silk Road along the Taklamakan Desert in the 10th Century a.d.
    Zehiya’s dream is to have an eagle of her own, like her father and his father and her grandmother too. For they are of the Kyrgyz tribe and are a family of falconers and sword makers. They live on Lake Issyk Kul in Central Asia in a time that was long ago, ancient times. When tragedy strikes, Zehiya must leave her home and all she has known. In her dreams the Spirit Eagle guides her as she travels the ancient silk road, on her horse with her falcon. Along the way she is challenged to rise beyond her limitations. And along the way too, she finds true friends.
    Would you be interested? I would be happy to ship you a copy or email a mobi.

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  121. Nice profile 🙂 You have to tell me how you managed to create multiple accounts on instagram. I tried to create a second one, and it wouldn’t let me, despite using different email accounts…

  122. Hi there. I came across your blog today and like your style. Wondering if you’d care to review my book up on Amazon, “Running in Heels: A Memoir of Grit and Grace”? Thanks!

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