Random|| Life Update.

Hi! πŸ™‚

It’s been quite a while since I have posted on my blog. I think my last post was in April!! I haven’t really had the motivation to blog. I needed a bit of a break and maybe I still do, I’m not sure yet. I honestly haven’t really been reading that much lately and if I do, it’s been mostly audiobooks. It has taken me so long to read books on my own, which is so sad. 😦 I want to get back into reading on my own again, but I just have trouble really being able to focus on that for too long.

I haven’t really had the motivation to do a lot of things, honestly. I was doing so good at working out and eating better all year (I even lost 20 pounds!) and then that kind of stopped over the last month and a half because I just haven’t had the motivation to continue, sigh. I want to get back into reading, I want to get back into blogging, and I want to get back into a healthier lifestyle again with exercise and food. Right now, I just don’t really know how to though.

Since I haven’t been doing those things anymore, I’ve spent a lot of my time lately playing video games on my Nintendo Switch or catching up with TV shows. It has been fun getting back into video games. Currently playing Spiritfarer, Cozy Grove, and Unpacking. I also occasionally hop back on Animal Crossing once in a while. I am trying to finally complete my museum. I was playing Cat Cafe Manger for a while too until I beat the storyline and stopped. I liked that you run a little cat cafe and can lure stray cats to your little cafe and then adopt them out lol. I may start playing again, so I can unlock everything. I am constantly checking the Nintendo shop for more games to play. I need to stop and actually finish all the games I started though lol. I guess buying new games is as addicting as buying books. πŸ˜›

Let’s talk a little about books…like I mentioned above, a lot of my reading has been audiobooks. It’s easier to listen to audiobooks right now because I do that while I’m working. I wish I was reading more on my own, but right now audiobooks just work better for me. If I didn’t listen to audiobooks, I would probably not be finishing any books at all. I am going to start working on wrap up and book haul posts to hopefully post on my blog soon. I may combine some months together since there were a couple months where I only read/listened to 2-3 books each month.

I listened to This Vicious Grace by Emily Thiede that I got an ARC on Netgalley a while back, so hoping to do a mini review of that and try to read the other few ARCs that I have left, so I can finally review them. I also want to catch up with you! I know I have quite a few posts to catch up on. Since I’ve been mostly out of the loop in the book community lately, I’m probably missing out on a lot of new releases and upcoming releases; so it will be nice seeing what you have been reading and what you recommend. Hopefully I can do all of this soon!

Next week I start training for my job and the training is for about 3-4 weeks, so I may be a bit busy for the next month. Hopefully once I get trained at my job and start getting the hang of all the new tasks I will be doing at work, I’ll be less stressed and be able to get back into reading and blogging again. *fingers crossed* We’ll see how it all goes!

I hope you are doing great! Feel free to let me know how things have been and any new favorite books you’ve read recently! πŸ™‚ Hopefully I will catch up with you soon! ❀

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