Review|| Some Kind of Wonderland.

Some Kind of Wonderland by Tara St. Pierre
4 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Description: Sometimes we all need an escape down a rabbit hole. Since her parents’ divorce, Allyson’s only source of comfort and refuge has been within the pages of Alice in Wonderland, which her father used to read to her every night. Now a quiet and shy teenager, she auditions for her school’s production of the story, despite having no previous acting experience. But no one knows Alice like she does—she’s memorized every word—and she believes that getting the part is the only way her father will return for her. Instead, she is enlisted as an assistant to the stage manager, and she runs afoul of the drama queen cast in the role she desires. Shuffling between a full deck of actors, a fidgety time-obsessed director, and an over-caffeinated costume crew, can Allyson navigate the bizarre world of high school theater? And how will her mother feel when she finds out it’s that story? As fiction merges with fact and her present reality uncovers past memories, what curious things will Allyson discover—and how much will she grow—along the journey through her own kind of Wonderland?

I received a copy of Some Kind of Wonderland from the author in exchange for an honest review. It was released in June of this year, so it is out in the world now!

I am a pretty big Alice in Wonderland fan, so I was excited to get the chance to read Some Kind of Wonderland and I ended up really enjoying the story! One of my favorite things about it was that a lot of the characters in the book had character traits of those in the Alice in Wonderland story. It was fun identifying them and I thought that was a cool touch to the story. I liked Allyson, but there were times where I felt like she acted more like a younger kid than a 15-16 year old. Maybe her love for Alice in Wonderland and that it connected her so much to her father that when he left it kept her mind. It didn’t take away from the story though and I still really liked it. She actually grew throughout the story, so that was a plus.

It was a lot deeper than I originally thought it was going to be too and because of that there were so many sad moments that had me tearing up a little and definitely some laughable moments too. It switched between present day and childhood memories that Allyson was having as she struggled with her parents divorce. Overall, I really liked Some Kind of Wonderland. It was a lot different than I thought it was going to be but in a good way! I really loved all the Alice in Wonderland references and quotes. I definitely recommend checking it out, especially if you love Alice in Wonderland too!

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