2 Stars, 1 Star, DNF of 2020.


I thought it would be fun to do blog posts showing the books that I read throughout the year and what I rated them. I decided to combined my two star, one star, and DNF books into one post because there are not too many of those to share. I think combined there are eight books. This will be the last post in my star rating recap of the books that I read in 2020. I will link all my previous posts in this little series at the end. You can check out a list of all the books that I read in 2020 over here. All titles linked to Goodreads below. I also included any links to reviews if I wrote one.

2 Stars of 2020


Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson
Infinity Son by Adam Silvera – Review
Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
I’m a Therapist, and My Patient is Going to be the Next School Shooter by Dr. Harper

The two-star rating are books that I thought were just “okay”. They didn’t blow me away, there wasn’t a lot that I liked about it, I couldn’t connect with characters, and was missing a lot to make me like/love them. I had high hopes for Allegedly, Infinity Son, and Where the Crawdads Sing, so I am bummed that I didn’t like them as much as I thought and hoped I would. I’m a Therapist… was just a random book and I honestly didn’t really have high expectations for it. I was just looking for something quick to read and that was that.

1 Star of 2020


Perfect Little Children by Sophie Hannah

The one-star rating means I didn’t like it. It felt like nothing really happened in Perfect Little Children and the main character annoyed me so much. The shock factor just wasn’t there for me either. The entire time I was hoping something would happen and by the time something did happen, I was already over the story, so I didn’t care all that much.

DNF of 2020


Followers by Megan Angelo
The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins
An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks

In previous years I didn’t really keep track of the books that I decided not to finish. I decided I would keep track in 2020 and these are the books that were DNF for me. I found The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and An Anonymous Girl to be so boring. I think I got through half of both books and just couldn’t read them anymore. As for Followers, I had a really difficult time with it. I didn’t like the way that it was written and it was more confusing than anything. I got about 20% into it before calling it quits.

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I meant to have this posted a week or two ago, but it slipped my mind and I ended up getting busy with other life things and didn’t get a chance to get it finished and posted. It’s here now and that’s all that matters? Haha. I am hoping to blog hop and reply to comments this weekend. I don’t have anything planned for the weekend, so it’s the perfect time to catch up with you! 🙂

In case you missed it;
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I hope you have a great day day and weekend!

8 thoughts on “2 Stars, 1 Star, DNF of 2020.

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  3. Interesting post! I so rarely 1 star or DNF a book so I think if I were to try a post like this it would be very boring indeed! I haven’t read Songbirds and Snakes yet… I loved The Hunger Games but was happy with it as a whole and not really sure if it needed another book… not sure if or when ill get to it!

    • Thanks! Sometimes it’s rare for me to give 1 star or DNF too. I try to give every book a fair chance, but it happens from time to time. I loved The Hunger Games so much and it’s what got me into reading YA (which I now love and read mostly haha), so I was bummed that I couldn’t get into Songbirds and Snakes and found it boring. 😦 I don’t think the series needed another book, it was fine without this one.

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