Halloweenie TBR.


Happy October! It’s my favorite month of the year! I love all things Halloween, Fall, and Spooky. I’ve started decorating my house with cute and spooky Halloween decorations, which I am so stoked about! I love seeing pumpkins and skeletons all over my house. This hasn’t been my greatest reading year as I’m sure you guys have seen me say over and over again. And with that being said, I’m not really sure how October is going to turn out for me, but I am still sharing with you a Halloweenie TBR of the books that I really hope to read in October. But first, check out my mini Halloween “Christmas” tree.

I always make this big Halloween themed TBR every year whether I get around to reading them or not; it’s fun to create them! I am going to include 10 books on my TBR for this month and that is being really ambition considering it seems that I can barely read a couple books a month this year. But maybe being in my favorite month will hype me up to read ALL THE SPOOKY THINGS! Here is what I have on my Halloweenie TBR…

None Shall Sleep by Ellie Marney
Halloween Season by Lucy A. Snyder
Beetle & the Hollowbones byAliza Layne
Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare
Scream All Night by Derek Milman

The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
The Suffering by Rin Chupeco
Only Ashes Remain by Rebecca Schaeffer
When Villains Rise by Rebecca Schaeffer

I’m sure there are going to be some spooky audiobooks that I’ll listen to throughout the month as well, but I’m not exactly sure what they will be yet. It really just depends on what my library as available at the moment. So, those will be a surprise you’ll have to wait to find out. 😛 And this TBR may change depending on my mood and there’s a couple other books I’m eyeing and may possibly buy, but if all goes well then I hope to read most of these books this month.

Have you read any of the books on my October TBR? What do you plan to read in October?

I still have to post my September book haul and that will probably be up on the blog on Monday. I also need to reply to your comments and blog hop again. I’ll be doing that soon too. 🙂

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I hope you have a great day and weekend!

21 thoughts on “Halloweenie TBR.

  1. Beetle & the Hollowbone is fantastic,I also recommend Sheets if you have not read it already :). I’m afraid i have not read any of the others, I don’t have anything particularly spooky to read this Halloween season though (sad times). Although i’m likely to re-read DEADENDIA in preparation to its upcoming TV adaptation.

    • Happy to hear that you thought Beetle & the Hollowbone was fantastic! I can’t wait to read it. I flipped through a little bit and loved the illustrations. I’ll definitely check out Sheets. I’ve never heard of Deadendia before. I’ll have to check that out too. Hopefully you like the TV adaptation that’s coming out. Don’t think I even seen previews for that either.

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