Book Haul|| June.



I am just going to jump right into my June book haul. You can check out a full list of the books that I own over here. There’s links to different pages on my blog that show my e-books and one for my physical books. I last updated the pages in April. Hoping to finally get around to updating those pages in July. All book titles below are linked to Goodreads.

Books I Bought:

The Modern Faerie Tales by Holly Black
Soul of the Sword by Julie Kagawa
Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
Cinder & the Prince of Midnight by Susan Ee

These are the physical books that I bought myself this month. The Modern Faerie Tales is a series that Holly Black started to write in 2004 and that I’ve been really wanting to read. In this copy that I have it’s all three books in one! I don’t own the series, but when I seen this version I had to get it. Soul of the Sword was of course a must, because Shadow of the Fox was AMAZING. I seen Red, White & Royal Blue everywhere and I was tired of waiting for my library hold to come in so I bought a copy myself. It did not disappoint! I loved it. And of course I had to get Susan Ee’s new book because I loved her Penryn & the End of Days (Angelfall) series so much. Cinder & the Prince of Midnight doesn’t have the greatest reviews now and I think it’s only a 3.10 rating, which is sad! I still want to read it and hope I like it. I kind of wish I would have gone with buying the e-book instead of the physical copy.

15 thoughts on “Book Haul|| June.

    • Thanks! 🙂 ColbyJack will always be my number one (but don’t tell my other kitties haha). He was my dream cat, because all my life I dreamed of having an orange kitten and then by luck an old co-worker’s cat had kittens and one was an orange one! So my dream came true with getting him, haha. Now he’s not so little anymore, 😛 but I still love him to pieces.

      • Hehe- I won’t say a word!! I see why though- what a cutie. I love that he made your dream come true too- it was certainly meant to be! Annnnd he has the best name ever.

  1. ColbyJack is so SO adorable! I love your haul; there are so many I want to read as well! And Queens Of Geek is a great read. I hope you will enjoy these! xx

  2. girl, there are SO MANY BOOKS, i’m jealous in the best way 😭🖤

    i know i keep mentioning RWARB whenever i see it but RWARB!!!!!
    and, also, SAME. i was so so so excited for Cinder but seeing the reviews just kind of put me down about the book and now i’m scared to read it 👍

    also, the cover of The Art Of Breaking Things is GORGEOUS, im immediately adding it to my tbr

    • Thanks 😀
      RWARB is worth all of the mention though, so it’s all good! I’m scared to read Cinder too, ughhh. It’s SUPER short though, so maybe it’ll be a quick read and maybe we’ll be surprised? Fingers crossed.
      I agree with you on how gorgeous the cover of The Art of Breaking Things is! It also sounds so good too. Happy to see it being added to your TBR.

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