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I seen the Addiction Book Tag over on Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books blog and decided that I wanted to do it as well! Check out  my answers below and make sure to go check out Marie’s blog. She’s one of my favorite bloggers and posts so many great discussion posts and has all the best book recommendations!


1) What is the longest amount of time you can comfortably go without picking up a book?

+ I would probably say like a day or two. If I don’t pick up a book I start to feel a little guilty, especially since I have so many books that I haven’t read yet.

2) How many books do you carry on your person (or kindle) at any one time?

+ I don’t usually take physical books out when I go places (don’t want to risk the damage), but I usually always have my Kindle with me. I think I have about 50 books downloaded to my Kindle now and of course I have like 400+ in the cloud haha.

3) Do you keep every book you buy/receive or are you happy to pass them on to make space for more?

+ I don’t keep every book that I buy/receive. If I don’t like it, I usually give it away or donate it. If I decide to do an unhaul of books I don’t plan to reread or that I don’t plan to read at all, then I usually give them away or donate them. I don’t have a problem with passing them to someone else, so I can make space for more. I rather keep books that I love or know that I really want to read than to have a ton of books taking up space for new books that I really want/love.

4) How long would you spend in a bookshop on a standard visit?

+ I could spend all day there if the hubby let me, haha. I like to make sure I have looked at every single book on the shelves, so I don’t miss anything.

5) How much time per day do you actually spend reading?

+ Not a lot, actually. Maybe an hour or two a day. It’s also not usually straight through either, because sometimes I get distracted with picking up my phone. I could spend several hours listening to an audiobook while I’m working though. I also like to watch TV shows too, so I split my time between reading and watching TV.

6) Where does the task ‘picking up a book’ appear on your daily to-do list?

+ Usually right after work or dinner? I have no idea, haha. I just pick one up whenever, but it’s usually at the top of the list if I don’t have other things I need to do first.

7) How many books do you reckon you own in total (including e-books)?

+ In total I own almost 1000 books! Fun fact, but also not so fun for my bank account, I accumulated that many books in just 3.5 years! I think I owned maybe 50 books (mostly e-books) before I started blogging in 2015. A little over 500 are physical books and a little over 450 are e-books. You can check out all the books I own over here. I last updated the pages a month ago.


8) Approximately how often do you bring up books in conversation?

+ I don’t usually bring up books that often in conversation, because the people in my real life don’t really read books. I might mention something once in awhile to the hubby, but that’s about it.

9) What is the biggest book (page count) you have finished reading?

+ Hmm….according to Goodreads the biggest book that I have read was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (870 pages according to Goodreads). I actually listened to that one on audiobook, so maybe it doesn’t count? Bigger books terrify me, so I usually listen to them on audiobook. The biggest book that I actually read myself (not audio) was City of Heavenly Fire (725 pages according to Goodreads).

10) Is there a book you had to get your hands on against all odds (i.e searching bookshops, online digging, etc.)?

+ I don’t think I’ve had this problem. The only thing I can think that fits this question is that if a book isn’t out in the US, then I order from online so I can have a copy. I’ve done that with a few books.

11) A book you struggled to finish but refused to DNF?

+ City of Heavenly Fire, haha. I really liked the Mortal Instruments from book 1-4, but after that they just started to go downhill for me. Even in book four is when it started to lose my interest. I feel like it should have ended after book three instead of dragging on. It took me around six months to finish that book. I felt like since I got halfway through it and forced my way through the series, then I had to see how it ended. I really didn’t like it all that much. I honestly would have LOVED the series so much if it stopped at book three. Now I just don’t really know how I feel about the series.

12) What are 3 of your main book goals for 2019?

+ Read 60 books by myself. Meaning don’t include audiobooks into that number.
+ Reading the Alphabet challenge, which I have done horribly at.
+ Read my unfinished series, which I have done pretty bad at.
You can check out more of my 2019 bookish goals over here.

13) Have you ever had the privilege of converting someone into a reader (maybe via inspiration or incessant nagging)?

+ I’m not really sure. I don’t think so. My older sister is the only one that really reads and I gave her my Kindle login info, so she has read a lot of the books I have on there. That’s about it. But even then, she doesn’t always read. She takes months/year breaks sometimes. She’ll read all the time and then just take really long breaks before reading again.

14) Describe what books mean to you in five words.

+ Books mean everything to me!

I tag anyone that wants to take part in this tag! Feel free to link me to your posts, so I can check them out. 😀 And just because…here are some random pictures my furbabies with my books.

I am off to Universal Studios tomorrow (Saturday) with the hubby, my childhood best friend, and her husband. I am really looking forward to hanging out with them again and to be going to Universal Studios. Universal Studios is having a water light show event, so we want to check that out and of course get some Butterbeer from Harry Potter World. 😛

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I hope you have a great day and weekend!


24 thoughts on “Book Tag||Book Addiction.

  1. Ahh I’m so glad you did this tag, Ashley, I loved your answers! And your bookshelves look incredible, I hope to have the same ones someday 😀

  2. Oh my gosh!! I thought having 400 in the cloud was a lot, but owning over 1000!! GOALS!!! I find it motivating you read for an hour/2 a day. I usually only get 15 mins in before falling asleep, but knowing I up it just a bit maybe I could get through so many more books. Thanks for sharing, Ashley!

    • I kind of wish I didn’t own so many books, because at least 60% of them are books I haven’t even read yet and who knows when I’ll ever get to them with so many new books coming out HAHA. I do admit that it’s not an hour straight. I always take breaks to pick up my phone and scroll through social media every so often, haha. I probably would get a lot more reading in if I didn’t do that LOL.

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  8. I love your answers! I agree that book blogging has been unkind to the bank balance haha, I definitely bought most of my books because of my blog and because of my old job in the book store!
    I also like to do the same thing in a bookstore too- I feel like I need to check EVERY shelf to make sure I’ve found what I need (same in anything really haha)


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  10. I hope you had a great time at Unviersal STudios. I would like to see the Harry Potter exhibit as well. Made butterbeer once. My son said it was too sweet. This is a fun tag. I keep moving so I keep giving away books, which is heartbreaking for me.

  11. Phew! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who feels guilty for not reading 😀 But I also wish that we didn’t feel guilty.

    The photo of your billy bookshelves is my ultimate goal. I have one billy now (and other mismatched bookcases), but I want to have a room dedicated to office / library once we move. 🙂

    Awww!!! I try to take a snap of my pets with the books, but they refuse… One of them only wants to attack them or chew on the covers. 🤦‍♀️ *facepalm*

    • Yeah, I wish we didn’t feel guilty for not reading too. I think the fact that I have a blog makes me feel the most guilty, because I feel like when I’m not reading then I’m not really updating here.
      I hope you can get your office/library ASAP when you move. I love the billy bookshelves. I am so happy I decided to go with those.
      Luckily my pets don’t eat my books, haha. It’s hard taking pictures with them and my books sometimes. I got lucky these times. But they rarely go near my books.

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