Thoughts|| Not Even Bones.


Not Even Bones by Rebecca Shaeffer
5 out of 5 stars.

Goodreads Description: Nita doesn’t murder supernatural beings and sell their body parts on the internet—her mother does that. Nita just dissects the bodies after they’ve been “acquired.” But when her mom brings home a live specimen, Nita decides she wants out — dissecting living people is a step too far. But when she tries to save her mother’s victim, she ends up sold on the black market in his place — because Nita herself is a supernatural being. Now Nita is on the other side of the bars, and there is no line she won’t cross to escape and make sure no one can ever capture her again. Nita did a good deed, and it cost her everything. Now she’s going to do a lot of bad deeds to get it all back.

I received Not Even Bones from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Released September 4th, 2018.

Part of the description of Not Even Bones over on Goodreads is “Dexter meets This Savage Song” and I was so down for that. I don’t even know where to start with this, because I just want to fangirl like crazy with how freaking amazing it was. I finally found a book that blew me away! It’s been way too long. Not Even Bones was dark, it was creepy, it was face-paced. I had so much fun reading this book and it me on the edge of my seat quite a bit. I loved the writing style and it was so easy to read and so hard to put down.

I enjoyed the main character Nita so much and was rooting for her the entire time. There were characters you wanted to hate, but couldn’t help but to love. All the different types of “monsters” and special powers they have was really interesting. There were a lot of gory aspects to it as well, but I love that kind of stuff. So if you like that kind of thing, this book is for you! There was no insta-love, which I especially loved. It didn’t focus on a romance much at all. It left it open for something in future books though and I am actually happy with the possibility.

Overall, Not Even Bones was a perfect read. It was so exciting and so many things are happening. There’s a few twists and it’s so fast-paced and action packed. I love dark and creepy books and that’s exactly what this one was. You’ll be sucked in right from the very first page. I am so stoked that I was able to get the chance to read this book and I can’t wait for the sequel. The ending, holy crap! It’s perfect if you want to add it to your Halloweenie TBRs. 😛 Not Even Bones is out now, so I highly recommend picking up a copy! I plan to go buy my copy as soon as I post this review.

Not related to review above: Two posts in one day? Who am I? Haha. 😛 Lately I’ve been lucky if I even get one or two a week. I need to find some new inspiration for blog posts. I’ve been lacking as far as figuring out what new content I want to post on here and even on Bookstagram, sigh. Earlier today I posted a reading update (linked below), so feel free to check it out!

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WWW Wednesday #54.


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The three Ws are:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

*Goodreads linked below.


I actually read quite a few books over the last couple of weeks even with going days without reading anything. I was also able to complete my Goodreads challenge last week, so that was exciting. I’m going to just jump right into what I’ve been reading and the ones I hope to read really soon.

Currently Reading:


Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa
Sadie by Courtney Summers

I like to read a physical book and an e-book at the same time, because I don’t always bring my physical books around with me, so I am currently reading Shadow of the Fox and Sadie. I am BEYOND stoked to be reading Shadow of the Fox, because you all probably know that the Talon series is one of my all-time favorites and Julie Kagawa is EVERYTHING. I am also really excited about Sadie too, because I’ve heard so many great things about it and I am really hoping it lives up to all the hype. I just started these both, so I don’t have any real opinions yet, but so far they are both really interesting and i’m excited to continue reading.

Recently Finished:


Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han
The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
Not Even Bones by Rebecca Shaeffer

I finished off the To All the Boys series by reading Always and Forever, Lara Jean. I actually finished that book pretty quickly (two days). It was pretty good and a good ending to the series. I will say though, there were some characters (Kitty, for example) that I really liked in the first book that ended up annoying me so much by the end of the series. She bugged me in book two and by book three I couldn’t stand her anymore. I reread (well listened) The Five People You Meet in Heaven, because I am hoping to read the sequel really soon and I am STOKED! I just finished Not Even Bones yesterday and OMG it was fantastic! I’ll have my review posted either later today or tomorrow, so be on the look out!

Reading Next:


The War Outside by Monica Hesse
Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emmich

I had Dear Evan Hansen on a previous list, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Hopefully really soon. I am really looking forward to it, just haven’t had the chance to actually get to it yet. The War Outside is releasing next week, so I hope to get to this one really soon as well. I read Monica Hesse’s other book The Girl in the Blue Coat and loved it, so I am stoked to read her new book.

What are you currently reading? Recently finished? Reading next? Have you read any of these books? Feel free to link me to your posts, so I can check them out!

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