Friday Finds #73.



It’s been three months since I’ve done one of these posts and over the last few months I have added a TON of books to my Goodreads TBR shelves. Today I am sharing ten out of probably hundred of ones I added since my last post. LOL. 😛 I think I am going to start doing this post more frequently again, because I added so many and want to share them.

These are all books that I added to my good reads “TBR” shelf, but do not own (yet) or are not released yet. There won’t be book descriptions this time since I am posting ten books, but I will link them all to Goodreads, so you can check them out! You can see more of my TBR over on my Goodreads account over here and feel free to add me as a friend.


Rabbit & Robot by Andrew Smith
Dry by Neal Shusterman, Jarrod Shusterman
Sadie by Courtney Summers
Southernmost by Silas House
The Benefits of Being an Octopus by Ann Braden


She Loves You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) by Ann Hood
The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White
Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage
The Splintered Silence by Kayla Olson
Any Second by Kevin Emerson

Jeff Zentner has talked about Southernmost so much on social media, so I had to add it to my TBR. If Zentner loves it, then I need to be reading it. So far his recommendations haven’t failed me. A book about the Beatles (She Loves You) and a Frankenstein retelling (The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein), I’m here for it! These other books listed all sound so good and I am really stoked for them all.

Have you added any new books to your TBR? Feel free to link me to your posts if you have one or leave a comment letting me know what new books you added to your TBR.

Thank you for all the comments on my last post. I really needed to vent all of that out and I’m still working on what to do. I’ll reply back soon and catch up with your posts when I get some free time today. 🙂

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I hope you have a great Friday and weekend!