Photo A Day|| 15-24.



I’ve been taking part in monthly photo a day challenges on my Instagram account (heyyitsashley) and I’ve been having a lot of fun with them (when I don’t fall behind on pictures). I figured I would also cross post them to my blog as well. I think for the purpose of blogging, I will post 3-6 per blog post that I do throughout the month. That way I am not spamming my blog with a million photo a day posts back to back. You can follow me on Instagram (linked above) if you want to see them daily though! Some of these pictures will be taken with my Nikon. There will also be some taken with my iPhone.

Days 15-24 of May.

I did end up skipping of the days, but not sure which one since I don’t number the days on my IG account. I’ll have one more post maybe first of June with the last of the pictures of the month if I do them.


Instagram Caption: free donuts at work today 🍩🙌🏼 || photo a day • kind.
iPhone X.

I can never pass up free donuts, especially chocolate frosted and sprinkle donuts! 😀 Donuts are always a good thing.


Instagram Caption: photo a day • doors & windows…. well, just a window for my picture.
iPhone X.

I had no idea what to post for this, because I haven’t been anywhere. I remembered I had this gem in my “favorites” folder on my phone that I hadn’t posted yet, so I chose to use this  minus the door. 😛 I took this in Lakeland.


Instagram Caption: another california throwback; forever heart eyes. ♡ || photo a day • breathtaking.
I took this with a Sony digital camera I had (but I don’t remember what exactly since it was two years ago and I don’t think I still even have it).

I want to go back to California, ahhh. I know I said that last post too when I used one of my Cali pictures for that week. It’s so pretty. This is another picture from Monterey Bay, CA.


Instagram Caption: i am about 20% into circe and i’m totally here for it; i love all things mythology. || photo a day • a good read.
iPhone X.

Still currently reading Circe and I am now about 35% into it and it’s so good! I am really hoping to have this finished before the end of the month, so I can include it in my wrap up post. Since it’s going to rain all weekend (again), I’ll use that time to read read read!


Instagram Caption: 🌻💛 || photo a day • creative.
iPhone X.

I seen some more random street art in Downtown Hollywood. Kind of a funny story, but there is this parking garage that is completely painted with purples and pinks. My mom had to go to the bank next door to that parking garage and I looked into the parking garage and seen that the inside had different pictures painted inside. I seen a sunflower and needed a picture of it. I love sunflowers. So while my mom was at the ATM, I got out of the car, ran over to the parking garage, hopped over a little “wall” type thing, and snapped this picture. 😀


Instagram Caption: 🐱🍂🖤 || photo a day • pet.
Nikon D3400.

I couldn’t decide which picture of Leaf I loved more, so I ended up posting both for this day. I really love how they came out and she’s of course the cutest.



Instagram Caption: throwback to that one day when it didn’t rain and now it’s been raining for two weeks straight. 😒 || photo a day • a really great day.
Nikon D3400.

I had to use this picture for this day, because honestly…the days here haven’t been the greatest (see below). I also haven’t really been doing much lately. So I used a picture I hadn’t used yet when the weather was actually nice. It hasn’t been nice since. 😦

Random: It’s been raining and cloudy for over two weeks now and I am seriously so over it. I have been dying to take my new camera out (STILL) and this weather is continuing to make it so difficult! SO MUCH RAIN…SEE….flooded park near my house.


I may have a review for Emergency Contact coming up and then next week I’ll have my May wrap and my book haul. I may also be doing a June TBR, because I think I am pretty set on what I would like to read next month. We’ll see!

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I hope you have a great day and weekend!