Thoughts|| Mirror Me.


Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre
4 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Description: Hannah McCauley doesn’t look at herself in the mirror anymore. After a rebellious past, she now attends a strict private school in a new town, where her recently divorced mother has put her on social lockdown. No driving. No bad grades. No skipping classes. No unapproved friends. No makeup. No boys. And the subject of her best friend from her old school is definitely forbidden. Hannah is being punished for something that happened a year earlier, something that she would like to put behind her. But strange occurrences frighten her, and she’s accused of breaking rules and doing other terrible things without any recollection of them. No one believes her, so she starts distrusting everything, even her own reflection. Is she being haunted by her past? Stalked by someone with a grudge? Or is it all in her head? If she doesn’t figure out what’s happening fast, her existence could end up irreparably shattered.

I read Tara’s book Just A Few Inches last year and I was so excited to read her new book Mirror Me. Kind of a funny story, but right before I was asked by Tara if I wanted to read her new book, I was talking to one of my friend’s about how mirrors creeped me out. The next day I get an email asking if I wanted to read Mirror Me.

Mirror Me was definitely on the creepy side at times and it was totally weird, but in a good way! So many weird and crazy things were happening to Hannah and I wanted to know what was going on. I found myself coming up with so many different scenarios in my head as to what could be happening. At one point I had about 3 or 4 different things that could be happening to Hannah and explanations as to why certain things were happening. Some reasonable and some totally crazy explanations. I really enjoyed that about Mirror Me. It always kept me guessing and it was fun.

I really liked Hannah and her friendships with Zo and Grace. I wasn’t a big fan of Hannah’s mother. She made me so angry, because she wouldn’t let Hannah do anything. It also didn’t help that she would keep getting in trouble for things she didn’t remember doing and her mother would not listen to her at all. I guess it’s a little understandable since Hannah wasn’t the best person a year ago, but I felt like her mom didn’t cut her any slack at all and was way too overbearing. That was one of the things that really bugged me about the story. BUT there are two sides to every story, so you’ll have to see how that unfolds.

Overall, I really enjoyed Mirror Me. It was fun, it was creepy, and it kept me guessing. Great characters and friendships. There were times that it was so hard to put down, because I just wanted to know what was happening to Hannah. I would definitely recommend picking this one up.

It was just released today (July 25th), go check it out! 🙂


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