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It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts, so since I have been actively taking part of a couple subscription services I decided to bring it back! I have two Nerdy Post boxes to share with you (June & July) and I also have my Book of the Month Club box to share with you as well.

Nerdy Post:

Nerdy Post is a fandom based subscription service that sends out hand lettering art and other goodies (bookmarks, pins, magnets, stickers, notepads, posters, etc.) with quotes from the monthly themed fandom. They also now have a Nerdy Tees, where you can get a t-shirt each month that matches the theme of the Nerdy Box. I’ve gotten a few shirts from them and they are always such great quality!


The theme for August is Harry Potter! I think there is a week left for ordering the HP box and/or Nerdy Tee. 

June Theme: Fandomland


This was their one year anniversary box, so it included a ton of different things from a bunch of different fandoms. I’m not going to lie, this wasn’t my favorite box of theirs. There were still some cool designs though.

These were two of the smaller prints.
Left is a quote from: Hamilton
Right is a quote from: Sherlock

These were the big bookmarks.
Left is a quote from: Doctor Who
Right is a quote from: Star Wars

Left is a smaller print from: Game of Thrones
Right is the large print from: Firefly

There were two double sided bookmarks.
Left bookmark: Pride & Prejudice and The Hobbit
Right bookmark: Lilo & Stitch and I think Iron Man
*forgot the note card at home before making this post*

Stranger Things Coaster
Supernatural Wax Melt
CS Lewis Quote Sticker
Harry Potter Knot Bracelet

July Theme: Alice in Wonderland


I LOVE Alice in Wonderland so much, so I was definitely sticking around for the Alice box that was for July. I LOVE everything about this box. It’s so colorful and had Nerdy Posts best designs!

This month they included TWO large prints and I love the designs for them both so much!

There was also a magnetic bookmark, sticker, and a double sided bookmark. I LOVE the sticker and double sided bookmark so much.

First picture is the mirror that they included (other side is obviously the mirror, lol). A cute notepad and a smaller print.

Every month they include “golden tickets’ in random boxes and you win a themed prize for that month. I had a golden ticket in my box! My prize was a tote bag from Out of Print. Pretty obsessed with it!

Book of the Month Club:

Book of the Month Club is a book subscription box where each month you get to pick a book from a I believe five different options, so you get to see and choose which book you want. You can also add “extra” books to your box from past books that they’ve had for only $9.99 each extra book.


These are the books that I got for my July Book of the Month Club box. The book I chose was Final Girls, which sounds like a pretty amazing horror book. I plan to read that around October. I added an extra book this month and chose The Love Interest. I was seeing it around online and it sounds interesting.

Are you subscribed to any bookish or fandom boxes? Let me know! I’m always looking for some new ones to try out!

I hope you have a great day!


16 thoughts on “Monthly Subscriptions.

  1. I always say I’m going to sign up for Nerdy Post and then I forget to do it. I was especially bummed that I missed the Star Wars month. But the Alice in Wonderland box is amazing!! I love all of that items. I’ll definitely have to sign up for the Harry Potter one now.

  2. Loved that Alice In Wonderland theme and the Harry Potter box sounds glorious! I hope you will enjoy Final Girls when you get to it in October; the slasher movie bits are perfect for Halloween. 😉

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  4. I love the Alice in Wonderland designs! They’re SO pretty. I don’t subscribe to any bookish or fandom boxes at the moment, but after seeing the ones from Nerdy Post, I might just give them a go!

    • Nerdy Post has been a subscription box that I’ve been actively subscribed to for about a year now. I really love all the things they include and the cool designs they create. I am obsessed with the Alice box! 😀

    • I’ve tried a few of them. OwlCrate was always a good choice if you want one that includes a book. I think they include some really need things in their boxes and I think they’ve gotten a lot better with their stuff from when they first started.

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