Meet Leaf.


I haven’t updated in a week, ahhh! I’ve been in such a blogging slump and a reading slump as well, sigh. Sooooo, I am here to introduce you to Leaf. The hubby and I found her crying behind our shed, so we rescued her. Leaf is the tiniest kitten EVERRRRR! She’s probably only like four weeks old. We aren’t entirely sure if she’s a girl or boy, but we are leaning more toward girl right now. We’re gonna take her to the vet next week. She’s so cute! We feed her from bottle, but I think she should be okay to eat on her own soon. We looked it up online and she still needs milk some of the time along with regular food. We bought special milk from the pet store for kittens with no mom. ANYWAY….here is a ton of pictures of Leaf!

Aside from new kitty news, I was able to finally finish History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera, which I really enjoyed even though it was so freaking sad! I am currently reading Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre. It’ll be releasing later this month and I’ll have a review coming up on release day. I loved Tara’s book I read last year called Just A Few Inches, so I am stoked she asked me if I would read her new book. I just started it today, so I’m not that far into it yet. I also decided to read Saga Vol. 2.


I have a couple tags I’ve been working on for like a month now (oops) and maybe I’ll finally finish them to post. I really hope I kick this reading slump (and blogging slump) soon. I am off to work! I hope you have a great day! 😀



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