Thoughts|| The Unlikelies.


The Unlikelies by Carrier Firestone
4 out of 5 stars.

Goodreads Description: Five teens embark on a summer of vigilante good samaritanism in a novel that’s part The Breakfast Club, part The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, and utterly captivating. Rising high school senior Sadie is bracing herself for a long, lonely, and boring summer. But things take an unexpected turn when she steps in to help rescue a baby in distress and a video of her good deed goes viral. Suddenly internet-famous, Sadie’s summer changes for the better when she’s introduced to other “hometown heroes.” These five very different teens form an unlikely alliance to secretly right local wrongs, but when they try to help a heroin-using friend, they get in over their heads and discover that there might be truth in the saying “no good deed goes unpunished.” Can Sadie and her new friends make it through the summer with their friendships–and anonymity–intact?

The Unlikelies was such a fun read! I took it with me on vacation and it made for a good road trip read. I am a sucker for books that are compared to the Breakfast Club, so I was thrilled when I was sent an ARC from The Novl. (Check out their monthly newsletters for chances to win books from them!)

The description also of course pulled me in as well. It sounded right up my alley and it totally was! Sadie becomes famous when a video of her rescuing a baby goes viral. From that day everything changes and you’re thrown into a really fun story. I grew attached to all of the characters in the book and was rooting for them all. They all came from different backgrounds/family life, but they formed an unlikely friendship with each other and it worked.

I loved their adventures and wanting to stick it to all the bullies. Bullying is a huge thing happening in the world today, especially cyber bullying. I loved that they stood up to the cyber bullies and stood behind all the people getting bullied. They were on their side and it was great. There were also some other things happening in the story as well. It dealt with drug addiction a little bit as they all tried to help their friend get off heroin. Not sure if you know this or not, but heroin over the years has become quite the issue especially today. So many people are falling into addiction and overdosing on heroin or what they think is heroin. Also in the book they were also tasked with doing something pretty huge, which you’ll have to read the book to find out what it is.

Overall, I really enjoyed The Unlikelies. It’s the perfect summer read. Great characters and friendships. So many laugh out loud moments and sad ones too. I was invested in the story and all the characters. I really enjoyed reading it. It deals with some heavy stuff, but it was also such a fun read too. It was the perfect mix. It’s relevant for things happening today. It’s out in the world today, so go check it out. I would definitely recommend it. I can’t wait to go get my finished copy!


In case you missed it;
I’m back from being on a mini hiatus!

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I’m back!


Just wanted to quickly say that I am back from vacation and will hopefully be jumping back into blogging and catching up here. I have a ton to update about (SC, VA, DC, NYC, BookCon, and more) and pictures to share, so hopefully sometime soon I can do that. We actually just got back maybe an hour or so ago. I go straight back to work tomorrow, so I’ll be pretty busy the rest of the week.

Feel free to check out my Instagram heyyitsashley to see pictures from our vacation right now if you don’t want to wait until my post goes up. 😛 Or you can search the hashtag “averywileyadventure” on Instagram to see all the pictures that way as well. I ended up taking over 500 pictures and I posted about 100 or so to Instagram throughout the time we were gone.

Here’s a couple of my favorites from Central Park. I have so many favorite pictures from this entire vacation though. We did so many things and seen so many cool things.

Hopefully at some point this week I’ll also finally have my May wrap up and May book haul posts up on my blog. I have them started, but just need to finish them up and take a few pictures for my book haul post.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Be on the look out for a few posts coming this week and next week. I’m actually going to post a review for The Unlikelies right after this and then go force my furbabies to love me, because I missed them so much. 😛 I also need to get myself back to reality and I am beyond tired.

I hope you have a great day!