Random|| Update & Pictures.

Hi! 🙂

I have a big picture post for you guys! It’s been almost a month since I’ve done one. I think the last one was just before my wedding. I want to share more wedding pictures too, but I probably won’t do that this post. I’m waiting to see the pictures that I get from the photographer. Anyway, onto the picture! It’s a mix of random pictures and bookish pictures.

For the bachelorette party, we decided to go to Key West. Stopped along the way to get pictures. We topped on the seven mile bridge to get a picture of the water. The last picture is the sunset when we were out at the bars. So pretty! We saw this HUGE mermaid along the way and I had to get a picture of that, so we stopped there.

mom, me, older sister, younger sister, amanda, christina, and aunt.


We camped when we were in Key West instead of staying at a hotel. Our campsite was right on the water. I don’t have the picture on my phone anymore to post here, but a HUGE iguana crawled right out of the water. It was pretty crazy. They just chill out there and in the bathrooms. I seen one try to get into someone else’s tent.

Here’s a random picture of my wedding cake. We had a Doctor Who cake topper, because we both LOVE Doctor Who. I also had macrons at my wedding and they were so good! I am dying to go get some more and they are my new obsession.

Speaking of new obsessions, why didn’t anyone tell me that the bath bombs from Lush are so freaking HUGE! I was like “WTF”. I feel like I’ve been lied to all my life with the ones that I’ve been buying on Etsy or Target. They are TINY compared to the ones you get from Lush. I plan to order more ASAP.


A week after being married and on our way to the pizza festival, which sucked badly. We didn’t even stay for it and ended up going out to eat somewhere else instead.

So I moved my bookshelves again, hahah. I swear I move them at least once a month. Our bedroom is really odd shaped, so I ended up putting all my bookshelves and my chaise in the area in our bedroom that is never used and I really love this new setup so much! I am in love with my new tapestry too. Such pretty colors. 😀 I am pretty happy with this new setup. Now I just need to get two more black bookcases to replace the brown ones I have, so they all match.

Just some randoms. A little dandelion puff. A sea shell. A pine cone. I found the pine cone at the park where the pizza festival was being held. That was probably the best part of the day, because I hadn’t seen one in years.

I finished The Darkest Minds on Thursday, it was so amazing and everything I hoped it would be and why the heck did I not read it sooner? It crushed my heart. I started PS I Like You on Friday morning and finished it Friday night. I read the entire day and couldn’t put it down. I loved it so freaking much! Ahhh it was so cute. I am currently reading Isla and the Happily Ever After now and it’s great so far.

It’s not a picture post without these three. Dax, ColbyJack, October. These three are pretty amazing. 😀 Oh and here are some other furbabies that I love….

The outside kitty, which I am obsessed with. She always hangs around our house and she’s so cute and sweet. She probably sticks around because I feed her though, let’s be real. 😛 And DIGBY! We watched Andy’s parents’ dog for a week, which was fun. October wasn’t really fond of him much, but it was all good. He’s so cuddly and I wish my furbabies were.

Other random pictures. Hanging out by the pool. The weather was really nice. And taking Dax on a walk before work the other day.


The new season of Doctor Who started on Saturday and I loved the first episode so much. I think I am really going to love the new companion. She reminds me of a mix of Rose, Martha, and Donna. I was telling Andy that she has all three personalities and it’s perfect! I even got teary eyed a couple times during the first episode, lol. I am really looking forward to this new season, except that it’s Capaldi’s last season. I am not ready for him to go. I love him so much as the Doctor and I don’t think he’s had enough time as the Doctor. He’s my second favorite after Ten. 😦

How was your Easter if you celebrate? What’s your favorite Easter candy? Mine is Cadbury Mini Eggs. If you don’t celebrate Easter, how was your Sunday? What’s your favorite non-holiday Candy? 😀

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That’s all for this post! I hope you have a great day!


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