Thoughts|| Renegade Red (Sequel).


Renegade Red by Lauren Bird Horowitz
5 out of 5 stars.

“The smell, the feel, intoxicated; she was drunk with pages white, thirsting for ink.”

I am going to skip the Goodreads Description of this book, because I don’t want to risk giving spoilers. You need to go read Shattered Blue first! I wouldn’t read any further if you haven’t read Shattered Blue. I don’t want to risk giving spoilers, although I think it’s pretty spoiler free. Just to be safe though!


I won an ARC of Renegade Red and I was so stoked. I loved Shattered Blue so much and I was dying to see what happens next in the trilogy. Above is a closer look at the different covers that you can get Renegade Red in. As you read the book, you’ll see how all the different covers fit along with the book. Such a cool concept with the three different covers, so exciting!

One of my favorite things about Shattered Blue is that there is poetry written in the book that connects with the story as well. I was so happy to see that Renegade Red also had poetry included as well. A lot of the lines in the book even had a poetry feel to them. It all flows together nicely and it’s one of my favorite things!

“I’m a poet, Judah. Words are sacred.”

It was awesome jumping back into the Light Trilogy and getting to read more about the characters that I love, especially my fictional crush Judah! Noa was totally a “girl beast” in this book and it was awesome. She a total bad-ass and I loved it. You get to see a whole new side of Callum and Judah in this book, which I loved. In Renegade Red they are in Aurora, so it was cool getting a glimpse of Judah and Callum’s world; the fae world. Being in Aurora meant a ton of new characters! It was exciting to be introduced to new characters. Some you’ll love and some you’ll really dislike.

Noa, Judah, and Callum are on the hunt to find Noa’s sister Sasha and it gets pretty crazy throughout. Renegade Red is a lot darker (and a little creepy) than Shattered Blue was, but I loved that. It was different and cool. Renegade Red is twisted in so many ways and when you think you know what’s going on, you have no idea. I thought I had it all figured out and time after time I was shocked and surprised. I wanted to scream and I wanted to throw the book, lol. All in the best way, because it was such a good book.

Overall, Renegade Red was everything I hoped it would be and more. I loved how it all played out and I loved that it kept me on the edge of my seat every single page. Amazing. There are so many twist in this book. The ending, OMG. I am already dying for the third book. Mind-blowing! Your heart will stop and it will shatter. I am still trying to pick up the pieces.

“Love is tricky, and love is strong. Not some flower but a warrior weed, growing in any condition, through any obstacle, surviving froze tundras, pushing up through cracks in stone!”

Renegade Red will be released March 14th, so mark your calendars! If you haven’t read Shattered Blue, go pick it up now! 😀

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10 thoughts on “Thoughts|| Renegade Red (Sequel).

  1. Ahhh I need to get a copy of Shattered Blue ASAP! I keep meaning to, but seeing your review of the sequel reminded me all over again. Awesome review! ❤

    • Hopefully you get it soon! Can’t wait to see what you think about it. Luckily the sequel will be released early March, so you won’t have to wait long to read it!

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