Picture Update.


I thought I would do a picture update with the last pictures I took in 2016 (and a few from the last few days). If you follow me on my Instagram accounts (heyyitsashley OR foreverbookish_) then you may have seen some of these.

I am starting with these pictures from when my sister, the fiance, and I went to the food trucks that our town has every Monday. We all ate from the BBQ truck. I had BBQ pulled pork mac & cheese. It was amazing! Β A little too spicy toward the end since I was pretty much shoveling it in my mouth as if it had been years since I’ve eaten, LOL. It was so good. There was a pretty sunset too and a giant Christmas tree. I love food, sunsets, and Christmas trees.

You guys!! LOOK WHAT I GOT! *heart eyes for days*. It’s an ARC of Renegade Red!! The sequel to Shattered Blue. I am 40 pages away from finishing it and I am so stoked. It’s so good, you guys! I made this little picture to the right from one of the pages in the book, because seriously this book is so twisted!


The fiance and I recently got a new bed frame, mattress, and some pretty awesome new bedding. I feel like I got one of those cool bedroom setups that you see floating around Tumblr, lol. My sister got me this blue tapestry for Christmas and I stumbled across matching bedding on Amazon and I was like “YESSSS that’s mine! CLICK!”. I am so obsessed with it and so is my cat ColbyJack!


He is almost 24/7 on the bed now, which is rare for him. I’m cool with this, because I wish my animals were more cuddly. This was totally a double win for us, because I can’t seem to get him to get off it. πŸ˜›

The family & I went out for NYE. We bought some picture props and it was a lot of fun. Here’s a group shot of us and we kind of threw a ton of confetti all over the bar, haha. I bet they hated us when we left and they had to clean it all up. OOPS. πŸ˜› It was so fun though! The hangover the next day was not fun though.

Here are some more NYE pictures. Top left is me & my younger sister. Top right is the fiance & me. Bottom is me & my older sister. Fun times! πŸ˜€

More furbaby pictures, because I am obsessed with them as you all know. Left is October and one of those rare times where she wants to be around me. Right top all three of them. Dax happy it’s Christmas and October & ColbyJack playing with their new toys. Right bottom is just CJ being a bum on my bed before I made it.

More pretty sky pictures. I am forever trying to get good pictures of the sky. It’s one of my many obsessions. Sometimes Florida has good sunsets. It just depends where you are. I live in a city that has a lot of buildings and trees and houses, so it’s not always easy to get good pictures.

I got some cool Everything, Everything/The Sun Is Also a Star swag last week. Pins, tattoos, and an art print.And my newly updated TBR jar. I currently have a poll happening on Twitter right now that involved my TBR jar. If you want to join in, head over there (whoa_itsashley) or comment below with a color. The color with the most votes will be the color I pick from to read next.


That’s all for this post! In case you missed it, I have a post up with some new changes and additions to my blog and reading challenge for 2017. You can check it out of over here (Hello, 2017.)

I hope you have a great day! πŸ™‚