Day 5: A book you’ve planned to read this year, but you didn’t.



I seen this December photo a day challenge on theeminha‘s bookstagram and decided to take part in it on my bookstagram (foreverbookish_ – feel free to add me!) and also turn them into blog posts as well. You can check out my original post over here with all the topics for each day if you want to take part in it as well!

**I skipped day 4 (your favorite genre this year), because it’s always hard for me to pick/determine book genres and all of that. I just read whatever and don’t particularly focus on genres. Looking at the  list of books I read this year, it’s kind of all over the place and pretty even I would say. Anyway, onto day 5!

Day 5: A book you’ve planned to read this year, but you didn’t.


I have had The Darkest Minds on my TBR for the longest time. I think since 2013 and I have yet to get around to reading it. I planned to finally read it this year, but never got around to reading it. I am going to make it a point to FOR REAL read this book next year. I think maybe if I start it at the beginning of the year I can get it out of the way and finally read, haha.

What book did you plan to read this year, but didn’t read?

I will be back tomorrow with day four. The topic for day four will be “biggest book you read this year“.

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I hope you have a great day!


Random|| Update & Pictures.

Hello! 🙂

It’s been awhile since I’ve last done this type of post. I think the middle of October was the last time. It is definitely time for a new one. Warning; you might see double pictures because I can’t remember where I stopped since it’s been awhile since I’ve last done this post. It will also be picture heavy! Anyway, onto my life update and pictures!

The beach that is down the street from me has Margaritaville that just opened up there, so my mom, aunt, and I went to the beach and walked around. We got frozen margaritas and other drinks. It was a lot of fun. We also ate at 5 o’clock Somewhere, which was really nice. They had chairs in the sand and it was really cool!

Mine and the fiance’s Halloween engagement party was in October as well. It turned out to be a lot of fun minus all the wind that messed up decorations. My sisters and I made these treats for the party and I dressed up as Harry Potter. I then resurrected my HP costume to go to a Halloween party at the local bar with my sister. She was a cat, so I told her that she could be my house pet. hah.

I was able to visit my dad in November. It was the first time in a really long time (years) since I last seen him. It was a lot of fun being able to see him again and I definitely want to make it a point to see him more. He had the coolest yard and garden. So many different plants, flowers, and trees. Most that he grew himself and takes care of. Mom, dad, and I in the top picture.

We found a fire pit at Goodwill for $30 and decided to buy it. Since then we have been having a ton of fires and roasting marshmallows and making smores a lot lol. Pretty much addicted lately, for sure.

In November they have the Camelot Days Renaissance festival here. It’s always fun seeing everyone dressed up. They also have different shows to watch, tents to buy stuff, and FOOOOOD! I may or may not have been always found at the beer tent. 😛 I love this festival because I love Merlin and King Arthur.


I went to see some of my favorite bands in November. I sadly already moved all my pictures from the concert to my other computer, so you only get a picture of The Wonder Years. I also seen Knuckle Puck, Real Friends, Moose Blood, and Seaway. I love them all so much, so it was cool getting to see them all in one night! I’ve seen Knuckle Puck and Real Friends like five times, hah. They never get old, love them so much. I seen The Wonder Years a couple times and it was my first time seeing Moose Blood and Seaway. So much fun!

Thanksgiving! I didn’t get a ton of pictures on Thanksgiving. To be honest, I was pretty drunk most of Thanksgiving. OOPS. I was bored and started drinking early, hah. It was still a lot of fun and the food was awesome of course. 😀 October is totally in the Thanksgiving spirit, hah.

It’s that time! It’s that freaking time of the year! FA-LA-LA-LA-LA! I actually had my Christmas tree up the day after Halloween, because I am that person. Last year I made a fireplace for my stockings. This year I made a giant present and decorated it and hung our stockings. I even got another stocking for October, because she needed one too!

The fiance’s parents got me this really cool sugar skull Christmas ornament! I also got myself this really awesome doormat with flamingos wearing Christmas hats. I love Flamingos. I also got some other cool Christmas ornaments this year for my tree, sorry no pictures. 😦 I failed you guys.

I rearranged my bookshelves. This was in October and now they are a disaster again. Mostly cluttered with stuff that I don’t know where else to put them, sigh. Also, ColbyJack will forever be the king of photobombing my bookstagraming. Doctor Who recently turned 53, so you know I had to take a picture. I LOVE DW so much.

Some random pictures. My sister bought me this cute shark bracelet. Everyone knows I am obsessed with sharks. Kokomo – “Off the Florida Keys, there’s a place called kokomo; that’s where you go to get away from it all.”. Everyone knows that I am obsessed with the Beach Boys. I actually seen them in concert twice and John Stamos played with them both times! In case you didn’t know, John Stamos is my celebrity crush. First hot chocolate of the season. I sent out my wedding invitations; it took me over four hours to get them done! And it’s that time of the year for peppermint bark. It’s my favorite Christmasy candy.


Some more randoms. I bought this new shirt and I am obsessed with it. I honestly want to wear it everyday and buy it in ALL the colors. Maren (The Worn Bookmark) and Lauren (Shattered Blue) sent the fiance and I some pizza stones for our wedding gifts and we used them and we love them and PIZZA! I started doing the dot-to-dots in my Dot-to-Doc book. Pretty time consuming, but it’s fun.

We took my nephew fishing. He loves to go fishing. I love going to take pictures and read. I used to fish a lot when I was a kid. I even won a fishing trophy in a fishing tournament I was in when I was a kid! I don’t fish anymore though. Now I find it kind of boring, lol. Oh well. I was a kid and didn’t know any better. 😛 And some random sky pictures, because I am a sucker for taking pictures of the sky.

The rest of the pictures below are going to be furbaby pictures, because I love them so much and I always have to include them in my posts, so be prepared for cuteness overload. These first three are furbaby selfies, because I have a problem with forcing them to love me and take pictures with me.

Why yes that is my cat ColbyJack sitting on a bag with cats all over it! I thought it was hilarious, because it’s a cat sitting on a bunch of cats. Also, I totally bought Dax (dog) a beanie and he wore it and he seemed stoked about it. The last picture is a picture of October. I am obsessed with it. She was standing in the window and it was the perfect picture opportunity.

And that is all! HIGH FIVE to you if you finished this entire post!

I actually didn’t mean for it to be this long, but I had so many pictures to share with you guys. I need to do this type of post more often so it was be as crazy LOL. Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram accounts to see all of these pictures and more that I don’t always post. 😛

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November|| 2016 read my books challenge.



I’ve been taking part in Maren’s (The Worn Bookmark) read my books challenge over on her blog, where I read the books that I already own versus only new books. I made a TBR jar of all the books I own (NOT including books I bought and will buy in 2016). My goal is to read 30 of my already owned books from that TBR jar aside from recent purchases.

Challenge Stats:

# of older books read in October: 1
# of older books read year to date: 16/30


Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

Once again I didn’t do too well with reading more older books this month for this challenge. I read a good amount of books overall, but only one qualified for the challenge. Sad to officially say this, but I probably won’t be completing this challenge this year. *crying*

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I hope you have a great day!