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I seen this December photo a day challenge on theeminha‘s bookstagram and decided to take part in it on my bookstagram (foreverbookish_Β – feel free to add me!) and also turn them into blog posts as well. This year wasn’t my best year with blogging and I am hoping that maybe doing a post every day for a month will help me get back into blogging regularly again. Maybe it’ll even spark some new ideas for next year.

I plan to start this challenge on December 1st, of course! My track recorded for challenges hasn’t been the best this year, so I am hoping that I can actually do this one! I am crossing my fingers. It seems like it’ll be fun to do. I’m actually going to attempt two photo a day challenges on my bookstagram for December. Hopefully it all goes well, haha. πŸ˜›

Below is the picture of the wrap up challenge that Cinthia created and I will type out the list as well down below. I’m going to link up each blog post to this post once I do them, so they can all be in one place. If you missed checking out one of my days, you can easily use this post to find them. πŸ™‚


  1. First book you read in 2016 –Β DAY ONE POST.
  2. Most anticipated book of 2016 – DAY TWO POST.
  3. Favorite author of 2016 – DAY THREE POST.
  4. Your favorite genre this year – SKIPPED.
  5. A book you’ve planned to read this year, but you didn’t – DAY FIVE POST.
  6. Biggest book you’ve read this year – DAY SIX POST.
  7. Worst book of 2016 – DAY SEVEN POST.
  8. Favorite ship of 2016 – DAY EIGHT POST.
  9. Favorite villain of 2016
  10. Best plot-twist of 2016
  11. Best contemporary of the year
  12. Book that caught you by surprise
  13. Best YA fantasy of 2016
  14. Smallest book you read this year
  15. Best romance of 2016
  16. Best movie/tv show adaption of 2016
  17. First book you bought this year
  18. Character you hated the most in 2016
  19. Best dystopian you’ve read this year
  20. Favorite character of 2016
  21. Most scary book of 2016
  22. Best trilogy/series finale of 2016
  23. Saddest book you’ve read this year
  24. Author you read this year for the first time
  25. It’s Christmas! Red and green books or book set during Christmas
  26. Your favorite release of 2016
  27. Best sci-fi of 2016
  28. Best YA fiction of 2016
  29. Best book of 2016
  30. Last book haul of the year
  31. 2016 Wrap Up

I will be posting my November book haul and November recap posts soon! Probably in the next couple of days. I still need to take pictures of the books that I got in November. I am hoping to finish at least one more audiobook before my recap post goes up, so we’ll see how that works out!

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I hope you have a great day!