Random|| Update & Bookish Pictures.


I have hardly posted anything this month and I’m sadly not getting through my Halloween themed TBR like I had hoped either. 😦 It’s been a busy month for me and kind of a crazy one too, especially the stress factor of it all. This weekend I’m supposed to be having a Halloween themed engagement party and hopefully that’ll be fun. I get to make all the dessert for the party, which I am stoked about. I just hope they turn out okay! I figured I would do another picture post update since I haven’t really been updating my blog much this month. I hope you enjoy!

I mentioned my engagement party that’s this weekend and I got some wedding gifts early! I thought I would share them, because I love them so much! The fiance’s parents got us this armadillo lamp and this stag head wall decor. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! You have no idea. I had them on my registry and I am so glad I got them. My cousin/bestie got one of my engagement pictures blown up and framed for us, which is so awesome. It’s one of my favorite pictures we took.

Celebrated the fiance’s 3oth birthday earlier this month. I surprised him with things the entire weekend. On Friday I gave him some birthday presents, Saturday we had pizza, and then Sunday I decorated our bedroom door with balloons and banners.

Sunsets will forever be my thing. I am obsessed with taking pictures of them and I’m sure I have said that a million times on here, lol. Here are a few I’ve taken recently.

The furbabies! I tried to get a “Fallish” picture of Dax, but he wouldn’t really sit for the picture. The only reason why I have any of the cats is because they like to get in my way when I take pictures for my bookstagram, LOL.

More furbaby pictures, because I love these guys so much. ColbyJack and October playing with a treat toy. Dax and October laying together.

Trying to get back into the gym. I don’t have that much longer to lose some pounds and shape up before my wedding. I feel like time is flying. My wedding is in FIVE months and I feel like I’m drowning in things to do. To relax and take away some of the stress, I picked up coloring again. My cousin got me some new adult coloring books.

I am currently reading Sanctum, which is the second book in the Asylum series. I really enjoyed Asylum and Sanctum is pretty good as well. It’s taking me awhile to get through it though, because I feel like I haven’t fully gotten out of this lame reading slump I’ve been in for months. I did also decide to take a break from this to read Dark Matter since it was going to be returned to the library in a few days.


So I was taking a picture for my bookstagram and I was using these books, because I needed books with maps. Well after taking off my book sleeves, I discovered that my A Court of Mist and Fury book is missing the title and stuff on the spine! WTF!? LOL. I’m a bit annoyed by that, but it’s also kind of funny. Anyone else have any problems like this with their book or any books? Someone told me they seen some people have issues with the Six of Crows book where it was printed upside down or only half printed.

Below are some pictures I took for my bookstagram and for the photo a day challenge that I am doing. Feel free to add my on Instagram! foreverbookish_ (bookstagram) & heyyitsashley (personal account). I’ll tell you the theme for the pictures below.

Green Books & Sock Sunday

Rainbow Books & Fall Colored Books

Fairytale Book & Book + Coffee

I ordered the Hocus Pocus box from Appraising Pages and I finally got it. Everything is perfect! I’ll be doing an unboxing on my bookstagram in a couple of days. I’ll also do a post at some point this week with what’s inside too. The Novl sent me an ARC of Love and First Sight and I am so stoked! It’s a book that I really really want to read!

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I hope you have a great day!