The Light Trilogy|| Title Reveal Game.

1) Sunday Aug. 28 any time after 12pm (EST)


I am so stoked to tell you guys all about this title reveal game that Lauren is hosting on her social media channels! The Light Trilogy kicked off last year with Shattered Blue, which was one of my favorite books of the year! I raved about it so much to you guys and all over social media. It is now time to reveal the title of the second book in the trilogy and I am so stoked! I am taking part in this reveal game and also hosting it on my social media accounts and my blog. So without further ado…

Calling all of Callum’s Pixies and Judah’s Rebels… Calling Sasha’s Sisters and Noa’s Poets…  it’s time to reveal the TITLE of BOOK TWO of THE LIGHT TRILOGY!

Starting tomorrow morning, August 29, we kick off our TITLE REVEAL GAME, where we will  reveal the next book’s title in pieces. You’ll get new clues throughout the day here and on author  Lauren Bird Horowitz’s social media channels and her website and you can log your guesses anywhere! So Channel your inner Sasha and be the first to solve the puzzle!

Connect with Lauren Bird Horowitz
Website –
Facebook – Lauren “Birdaileen” Horowitz
Twitter – birdaileen
Instagram – birdaileen

I will be doing a new post tomorrow to kick off the title reveal game and I will be updating that post throughout the course of the day with new clues! Don’t forget to also head over to Lauren’s social media accounts (linked above) to make your guesses!

If you have not read Shattered Blue yet, I highly recommend it! You can purchase the paperback for under $10 on Amazon and the e-book is only $3.99! Book cover below linked to Amazon.


I hope you have a great day and stay tuned!