Platform 9 3/4.



Over the weekend I went to visit my friend in Lakeland and we all went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. In case you didn’t know, they are the home of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I was SO excited to finally get a chance to go to Harry Potter world and experience the books (and movies) in real life. I got to do a ton of things, but I am already planning my next trip to do what I could not do. It started to rain, so it was a lot harder to get to see the second half of Harry Potter world, but I did get to do a lot. I didn’t have a chance to go inside every single shop, which was sad. Like I said though, I plan to go back ASAP and go inside every shop!

Diagon Alley!


We started at Universal Studios and that’s the home of Diagon Alley. You go into a little whole in the wall and when you walk in you see all the amazing-ness of Diagon Alley. All the buildings and shops were amazing. It all looked so fun! Gringotts Bank was a ride, so we were able to go inside and tour the building as we waited to get on the ride and that was awesome! The ride was really fun. A lot of the rides we went on were 3D multi-dimensional, so it made the experience really awesome.

I went into Weasley’s Wizardย Wheezes to look around. I ended up not buying anything, next time! I went to Ollivanders and got my wand! I got Luna Lovegood’s wand. I got butterbeer, which was really good. It was really sweet though. I also got pumpkin juice, which I haven’t tried it yet.

Hogwarts Express || Hogsmeade


We did some other rides at Universal Studios aside from Harry Potter things and they were fun. After doing some rides, we hopped on the Hogwarts Express to go to Hogsmeade! The Hogwarts Express was one of my favorite things. I was so stoked to be riding it and they showed shadows of Ron, Harry, and Hermoine on the other side of our door talking and then the dementorsย came. It was so fun! The people in our cart with us probably thought I was crazy. I was just so excited!


When we got to Hogsmeade we walked around a bit and then I went into Honey Dukes and got some chocolate frogs and Gilly Water. I haven’t tried the chocolate frogs yet, but I plan to tonight! I wanted to see as much as I could even with the crappy weather toward the end of day, so I didn’t have time to try them.



Hogwarts ended up being a ride, so we were able to go inside and tour Hogwarts while we waited to get on the ride. I was SO STOKED! It was prettyย dark inside Hogwarts, so sadly I wasn’t able to get a ton of pictures. I was also too busy looking at everything and enjoying it all and pictures weren’t at the top of my list. Next time though, I plan to try to at least snap a few more. The ride itself was pretty awesome and one of my favorites.

We also got to do a few of the rides at Islands of Adventure after looking around at Hogsmeade and Hogwarts. Since it rained during this half of the day, a lot of the rides were closed so we didn’t get to do a ton at this park. We plan to go back to this park only in the near future, so we can really experience Hogsmeade, Hogwarts, and the rest of Islands of Adventure better. I’ve been to Islands of Adventure before, but it was so long ago and way before Harry Potter world was there. I was still stoked that I was able to do a lot even for the weather at the end of the day. I did almost everything I wanted to do.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I wanted to get a lot of pictures, but I was just having so much fun and enjoying everything that I ended up not taking too many. I’ll probably do another picture post soon with pictures that aren’t of Harry Potter world and about the rest of my weekend.

I hope you have a great day!


26 thoughts on “Platform 9 3/4.

    • I hope you get a chance to go! It’s so much fun and such a great experience! I loved the movies a lot better than the books. I read the books last year though, so I think if I read them as a kid like everyone else..then I would probably have loved the books more.

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    • It was definitely an amazing trip and great experience. It was hard not to want to spend all the money, haha. I wanted everything! I hope you get the chance to go to Universal soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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