Random|| Update & Pictures.

Hey! 🙂

It’s been a month since I’ve last done one of these, so I figured why not do another. This post will be an update about random things going on in my life and pictures I’ve taken throughout the last month or so. It will be picture heavy, so be prepared! You can also see a lot of these on my personal Instagram (heyyitsashley) and my bookstagram (linked later in the post).

In my area they have food trucks that come out to a little park close to my house every Monday, so my sisters, niece, and nephew went downtown to check out the foooooood. I ended up getting a snow cone, because I had been craving one for the longest time. I mean, I was starting to get really depressed at the fact that it’s summer and there has been no ice cream trucks! A lot of the buildings downtown Hollywood (Florida) are painted with some awesome murals and this one was my favorite. It’s a sea turtle with flowers and so colorful. I love this tree, it’s so big and pretty awesome!

Here is some more food, because why not? I love food and I love pizza. My sister, fiance, and I hungout downtown Fort Lauderdale and got pizza. It was so damn expensive, but totally worth it. It was the best pizza I’ve ever had. If it wasn’t so expensive, I would probably have it at my wedding, lol.

Griffin Teen sent me this awesome Rainbow Rowell tote bag and some pins that have her book covers and quotes from the books on them. I was so stoked! I knew I was getting something that had to do with Rowell, but I wasn’t sure what or when. So it was a nice surprise.


Random book pictures, because this blog is mostly about books! You can see these book pictures and a TON more of my bookish pictures over on my bookstagram (instagram) account. BOOKSTAGRAM: foreverbookish_

Let’s talk about Pokemon Go, because it’s been everywhere for the last week. I play Pokemon Go. I am 28, but I LOVE it. I don’t care that there are some haters saying “oh you’re an adult, bleh bleh bleh”. I grew up with Pokemon and I loved it then and I love it now. I still buy all the video games for my 3DS. It’s nice feeling like a kid again. There is so many terrible things going on in the world and if people are having fun and are happy playing Pokemon, then so be it. We need something fun and it’s getting people out of their houses. It’s giving the world a little bit of light that all of these bad things are taking away. I am not saying that they aren’t important, because they are; they are VERY important. The things happening are crazy, scary, and so wrong. It’s nice to have a little happiness too though. And with that….here are some my Pokemon Go adventures.

We (younger sister & fiance) went to a few parks and to the beach to catch some Pokemon and we will most likely be going to another park this weekend. There were so many people playing and it was fun, because everyone was so excited about it. People even asked us if we wanted to join their group because they have meet ups.

I love taking pictures and I also took a ton of non-Pokemon pictures at the park and the beach and here are some of those pictures.

The Beach.
You can’t really see it too well, but in the last picture of the ocean there was a rainbow in the middle of the ocean.

I am supposed to get engagement pictures done at another beach next weekend. The fiance and I really didn’t want to do engagement pictures, but my cousin talked us into it. I like taking pictures, but I don’t like being in pictures LOL. So that’s going to be awkward. I am generally a shy person and I am so socially awkward and it’s just going to be weird and awkward, lol.

The Park.
In the last picture you can see a rainbow that was in the water fountain. Also it’s super tiny, but there is a plane in the sky pulling a little ad.

It wouldn’t be one of my picture posts without the furbabies. ColbyJack & October cuddling, ahhhh the cuteness. Dax & Bella going for a walk. I’ve been dogsitting Bella for the last month. Bottom pictures are of Dax and then October.

And last but not least, just some random pictures. First picture is a quote sign that we have outside our house. Then bubbles in the sky and a heart that someone carved into that big tree that I first posted.

That’s all for my pictures. As far as reading goes, I am not reading a whole lot this month. I only finished three books this month; one was an audiobook. I’m semi-taking a break and kind of slumping. I am currently reading Nevernight by Jay Kristoff, which I am not that far into it yet and so I can’t form any real opinion on it. I also decided to try to read To Kill A Mockingbird as well, which I am not that far into yet either and no proper opinion yet. The fiance’s mom gave me a copy of the book since I have actually never read it before, I know I know…crazy that I haven’t. 😛

What have you been up to aside from reading? What are you currently reading?

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I hope you have a great day!