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I was tagged by Jesse from @ Books at Dawn to do the book buying habits tag. This looks like such a fun tag and it’ll be cool sharing my book buying habits with you guys!


Where do you buy your books from?

I buy my books from Target, Amazon, and BookOutlet.com. They all have fairly decent pricing on books, especially Amazon and BookOutlet.com. Other book stores are just way too pricey for me.

Do you ever pre-order books and if so do you do this in store or online?

Sometimes I do pre-order books if I really want it right away or if it’s a favorite author. Sometimes if an author or publisher is giving away bookish goodies for pre-ordering, then I do that as well. I usually always pre-order from Amazon.

On average, how many books do you buy a month?

OMG this question, TOOOO MANY! ๐Ÿ˜› Lately it has been 20+ books; physical and e-books.

Do you use your local library?

I do use my library’s online database for audiobooks and e-books. I don’t actually go into my library and check books out. I have my own library of books (e-book and physical) that I should probably be reading though. I have a bad habit of buying tons of books and then getting e-books from the library.

What is your opinion on library books?

I think libraries are important and pretty amazing as well. I know there are tons of people that love reading, but can’t always afford to buy every single book. So it’s nice that there are places for people to read for free. I think everyone should utilize their library!

How do you feel about second hand books?

Love them. I actually became addicted to getting second hand books from Goodwill or other thrift stores. You would actually be surprised by the amazing quality of the books you can find too! I can get almost perfect condition books from $0.75-$2!

Do you keep your TBR pile on your main bookshelves or no?

I don’t really have a TBR pile. All of my books are on my shelves in random places. I actually don’t really have them set up in any particular way. I’m waiting until I get my new shelves to organize them. So they are all mixed together whether I have read them yet or not.

Do you plan to read all of the books you own?

I HOPE SO! Realistically though, probably not. I’ve gotten so many books and some don’t sound as appealing as they did when I first got them.

What do you do with books you feel you will never read/did not enjoy?

They just sit on my bookshelves with the others or I might give them to my sister. I don’t really do anything with them.

Have you ever donated books?

I have never donated books, but I have been really thinking about it a lot. The previous question I mentioned that I don’t do anything with the books that I will never read/did not enjoy, so I am thinking of donating them.

Have you ever been on a book buying ban?

I’ve tried book buying bans, but they never seem to work. I love buying books and I don’t really want to stop doing something I love to do.

Do you feel that you buy too many books?

I probably do buy too many books, but I love them.ย I’m working on not feeling guilty about buying so many, because I don’t think I should feel guilty for something I love.

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