May||2016 read my books challenge.



I’ve been taking part in Maren’s (The Worn Bookmark) read my books challenge over on her blog, where I read the books that I already own versus only new books. I made a TBR jar of all the books I own (NOT including books I bought and will buy in 2016). My goal is to read 30 of my already owned books from that TBR jar.

# Books read in May: 0
# Books read year to date: 6/30

I sadly did not read any books toward my challenge this month. I was hoping to at least read one, which would have been The Darkest Minds, but that did not happen. OOPS! Hopefully in June I can get a few older books read. My goal is thirty older books, but I’ve only read six and it’s already the middle of the year YIKES!

I’ll have my May recap/wrap up post up tomorrow. I still have one book to hopefully finish today, so I can add it to my post. I only have about 70 pages left, so it’s doable. I did post my May book haul yesterday and you can check that out over here.

I hope you have a great day!


2 thoughts on “May||2016 read my books challenge.

  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t get to any of your books. 😦 I have the Darkest Minds sitting on my shelf too, and I was hoping to get to it soon. If you want, we could make a mini buddy read out of it for June? :3

    • I’m trying to hard to read my older books that I’ve had for awhile and fail most of the time, lol! Sure, we can do a mini buddy read of The Darkest Minds. I’ve been trying to read The Darkest Minds for years now haha.

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