I’m still alive in case you’re wondering 😛 I am currently waiting to board my plane back home. So sad to leave California, but happy to see my furbabies!

Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes and comments on my last post! I promise to reply to them all soon. Probably over the weekend after I get settled back into normal life again, sigh. I had so much fun in California and it’s pretty amazing here! I’ll have a post on that ASAP and tons of pictures!

Something super exciting that happened my last full day (yesterday) was the boyfriend asking me to marry him! So unexpected, but totally awesome! It happened at the Monterey Bay aquarium! 😀 so fun! We have been together eight years.

Anyway, I’m about to board the plane, so I should go! A real update soon. I have tons to talk about (and bookish things). I also hope to get back into blogging regularly again soon. I also have tons of catching up to do with your blogs!