Friday Finds #43.


FRIDAY FINDS showcases the books you ‘found’ and added to your To Be Read (TBR) list… whether you found them online, or in a bookstore, or in the library — wherever! (they aren’t necessarily books you purchased). Hosted by Jenn at Books And A Beat*All linked to Goodreads*

HI 🙂

Pretty happy that it’s Friday! It’s also the last Friday that I will be in Florida. Next Friday I’ll be on my way to California for six days! As far as books go, I haven’t found too many books to add to my TBR, but I did find a few. You can see more of my TBR list over on my Goodreads account over here and feel free to add me as a friend! Here are the books that I added to my TBR recently…

Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria Griffin
26 Kisses by Anna Michaels
The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout
False Hearts by Laura Lam
I Will Always Write Back by Caitlin Alifirenka & Martin Ganda

They all sound really interesting and I am loving the covers for all of these books! I need to read faster, so I can get my hands on all of these books. 😛

Have you added any new books to your TBR this week? Let me know and feel free to link me to your posts!

I’ll be having a book haul post and birthday haul post coming soon! My birthday is next week, but I got a lot of early birthday gifts! I will also have my February recap coming as well. I want to get all of these posts done and up on the blog before I leave to California next week, so be on the look out for those!

I hope you have a great Friday! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Friday Finds #43.

  1. Lovely finds! The first one looks and sounds interesting to me.
    I’ve always wanted to do this post, but I seem to always forget the books that I added to my TBR – gosh DARN IT.
    But any who, LOVELY POST ASHLEY! ❤️

    • Thank you 🙂
      Spare and Found Parts is definitely one of the ones that looks the most interesting and I definitely want to get my hands on!
      If you are adding new books that you want to read on Goodreads, then it is easier to remember what you have found. I usually look at my Goodreads lists for the books that I added there each week.

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