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Hi! 🙂

The promised picture post! Warning: this may be picture heavy! I’ll make them smaller sized. So a couple days before Thanksgiving we took a mini trip to Cape Coral to spend Thanksgiving with the boyfriend’s family (which I’ve mentioned before). That trip was a lot of fun!

On the road; goodbye Dania!


The drive is about 2.5-3 hours depending on how fast you drive. The boyfriend drove ridiculously fast and we ended up there a lot earlier than we thought we would. So I stopped at Book-A-Million, LOL! I didn’t get anything though. I still had to stop, because we don’t have one that close to us. Visiting his parents was a lot of fun like it always is.

That’s Digby their dog. I first started dating Andy when they got him and he was such a tiny puppy! There’s Digby and my pup Dax chillin on the sofa.


On the day before Thanksgiving I was able to hangout with Shelbie (I mentioned in another post) and that was  a lot of fun! We walked around Target and bought some things! Here are my Target finds that day! Fairest (I was missing it), cat bookmarks I can color (I got Shelbie some too), markers to color my bookmarks, and Christmas socks. I am sucker for some socks!


Andy, his parents, and I then went to a restaurant called Capone’s in Fort Myers and had pizza and beer. YESSSS! 😀 The restaurant was prety cool and the pizza was amazing. No food pictures, sorry. I did take some pictures on the way though.

Goodbye Cape Coral, Hello Fort Myers. It’s a short bridge drive away. 😛


The Christmas tree in downtown Fort Myers. It’s so pretty! This year I want to take a picture of every Christmas tree I see at different places.


Thanksgiving itself was great and Andy’s mom always makes such good food! I ate so much and had a good time! It was sad that I had to get up at 5am the next day to leave to come home and go to work! 😦 We need to visit more often! This was the first time I’ve been there since probably last Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving sunset & last night in Cape Coral.


Here are just a couple random pictures also taken in Cape. My favorite tree (I take a picture of it every single time I see it, I just love it, haha) and this big leaf that fell off said tree.


I’ve been pretty busy decorating my apartment with Christmas decorations and watching Netflix with the boyfriend. That is taking away from my reading, but oh well! I think I need a little break anyway! We made a little fireplace (boxes, paper, paint) and although it didn’t come out exactly like I planned, it still is nice!


I got our stockings and hung them up. We put white lights on the floor in front of the little fire my sister drew for me. I was so excited when I found a cat and dog stocking!


The finished product aka my fireplace and Christmas tree!
Exploding TARDIS picture in the background. 😛
I’ve had it for way over a year now and still obsessed with it.


Here are some other random pictures!
TARDIS ornament for the tree of course.
Hot chocolate in my new Santa mug that I am obsessed with.


I also dug out my Christmas sweater and Christmas shirts.
Real Friends Christmas sweater (love that band so much)
Blink-182 Christmas shirt (of course I LOVE BLINK just as much if not more)


And it wouldn’t be a proper post without including some cute pictures of my two furbabies!


OH!!!!! I almost forgot about this! Actually, I really can’t even remember if I mentioned this or not here. So if I did, let’s pretend I didn’t mention this in here and you are hearing about it for the first time. So Craftedvan (they sell magnetic bookmarks) had this little contest where you send in pictures of your cat and you could win a chance to have your cat turned into a bookmark! Well, you guys, my little ColbyJack was one of the cats chosen! Sooooo….HERE HE IS!


I just got it last week, so I am excited! ALSO! If you want to own ColbyJack you can purchase him on their website (or plenty of other cats as well) over here.

Well, I think that is plenty for this post! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it! I love sharing my pictures and sorry for those of you that follow me on Instagram, chances are you already seen these before! 😛

I hope you have an amazing weekend!


20 thoughts on “Random||Thanksgiving, Christmas, Pictures & More.

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time! I always love seeing these posts, I actually love seeing your little adventures but most of all, your FURBABIES. THEYRE ADORABLE! And that little Colbyjack figurine?! ITS SO CUTE IM GOING TO DIE. 💕

    • I did! 🙂 I’m glad you like seeing posts like this! I love making them and definitely want to do more of them. I was so excited when ColbyJack got chosen for the bookmark! I can have him with me everywhere now! Hah. I know it’s hard enough leaving him. 😋🐱💜

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