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Hi! 🙂

I was tagged by Abi from FlickThrough to do the Be Thankful Challenge. Thank you, Abi for tagging me! And I am sorry it took so long to do it! The rules are pretty simple; I get to tell you five people I am thankful for and five things I am thankful for in 2015! With Thanksgiving approaching, this is definitely fitting!

Five people I am thankful for:

Picking just five is going to be hard…so please look past that it’s more than five, lol

Mom. I am forever thankful for my mom. It’s great that she’s always there for me when I need her. It’s fun spending the weekends laying on her couch watching the DIY channel with her. She’s always been there for me and I know she always will be. She is also my next door neighbor, so I can steal her food. 😛

Sisters, Niece, Nephew. I am thankful for my younger sister Stephanie and my older sister Colieta. They definitely mean the world to me. We are all so different from each other, but we always get along. More now that we are adults, lol. I know my younger sister and I had our good fights when we were kids! I am also so thankful for my niece Grace and my nephew Jackson. They can be a pain a lot of the time, but I love them to death.

Andy aka the boyfriend. This boy has put up with so much of my craziness over the last eight years and I am so thankful for him. This month will make eight years that we have been together and honestly, it feels like just yesterday. I know I am really difficult most of the time, but he puts up with it and still loves me. We are complete opposites, but we work perfectly together.

ColbJack & Dax aka the furbabies. These guys are seriously my best friends. I honestly don’t really have any friends and the majority of my time is spent with them. I would probably be even lonelier without them, haha. I do talk to them and I tell them a million times how cute they are and how much I love them. LMAO!

Shelbie. I have to add Shelbie into this post, because this year we have grown really close and I can now say I have a friend! LOL. We are almost the same person and it’s been fun getting to know her and I am definitely thankful for our new friendship! I am super stoked to meet her and hopefully SOON! OH, you should go check her blog out: Lu-Lu’s Rants & Reads.

Five things I am thankful for:

Books. DUH! I’ve always loved books, but this year I grew this entirely new love for them. I’ve also read (and listened) probably triple of what I have in past years this year, which is pretty amazing. Books are the perfect escape from your every day life and it’s always fun to live in someone else’s world for awhile.

Blogging. I started this book blog in January and it’s been an amazing journey! I am so thankful for all of the blogging community. It’s been fun sharing my thoughts on my favorite books and books I can’t wait to read. It’s been great reading your posts on your favorite books and books you can’t wait to read! It’s been so nice getting to know so many of you!

Goodwill. Thanks to my new bestie, Shelbie! Honestly, I haven’t went to Goodwill since I was a kid and my dad would drag my younger sister and I on the weekends. I didn’t really even think to go to Goodwill for books. I found some amazing books at Goodwill this year and it helped with not spending even more money on books! You’ll be surprised at what books you’ll find there! 😀

Orange Leaf. There opened up an Orange Leaf (frozen yogurt shop) right down the street from me. It’s literally walking distance. I’ve been going there SO much this year and have fallen in love with it. I think I would be heart broken if I ever had to give it up, hahah. It got to the point that I was going at least 2-3 times a week, LOL!

Music. Some amazing new albums from my favorite bands came out this year and still more to come. I am so thankful for my favorite bands, the music they make, and everything along with it! I am super stoked to be seeing Knuckle Puck for like the fourth time on Tuesday, lol! I am a huge pop punk fan, in case you didn’t know. “You grew from a seed. Forever strong as a pine tree. Always an evergreen.” Evergreen by Knuckle Puck.

I want to tag everyone single one of you to do this tag, because I want to know who and what you’re thankful for this year! It’s also a nice way to get to know you guys even more! So please feel free to do this tag and link me to your posts, so I can check out your posts!

I hope you had a great weekend! ❤


11 thoughts on “Tag||Be Thankful Challenge.

  1. This is so nice! It’s really cool to get a snapshot of people’s life outside the book blogging world. I want to do this one right before Thanksgiving!

    • I love getting to know everyone outside of book blogging! It makes you really feel like you’re friends and more than just a blog to read! Can’t wait to see yours! 🙂

  2. I love the things that you’re thankful for Ashley! I can nod my head to quite a few of them too! This is such a beautiful tag, such a great way to fit in some positivity into your day! 💕

    • Thanks, Josie! 🙂 I loved doing this tag and it’s always nice to put positivity into your day. I think a lot of people forget to do that and even I do sometimes. ❤

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