After months of being on the waiting list, I was able to finally get an OwlCrate subscription! OwlCrate is a monthly book subscription box and they send you a new release YA hardcover book along with 3-5 bookish goodies to go along with the theme and book. September’s theme is “leading ladies”. Yesterday I received my OwlCrate and I was so excited about it! I’m going to share with you the things I got in my OwlCrate.

Inside the OwlCrate:


Funko keychain of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones
Prints of Hermione from Harry Potter
Divergent bookmark
Divergent tote bag
Arrow necklace inspired by Katniss
A letter from Julie Murphy and Dumplin’ sticker
And the book is of course, Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

This was a really cool box and I am excited about future boxes. I’m guilty of not being a Hermione fan though and I have no clue about Game of Thrones (I haven’t read the books (YET!) or seen the TV show). Everything else is cool though! It was kind of sad that the book was Dumplin’ since I already bought it and read it. Honestly, since Dumplin’ came out in September I really didn’t think it would be in the box. This book did cross my mind though, but I figured it wouldn’t since the release date was September and the boxes shipped a few days after the release of it. I may do a giveaway soonish for the book.

You can check out my review of Dumplin’ over here.

The theme for next month is “spooky” and I can’t wait. I love Halloween so much. I am pretty excited that I was able to finally get a subscription and that it was in the holiday months! Overall, I love the idea about the subscription boxes and the pricing is pretty reasonable considering all the things you get. I know shipping to other places may be super expensive though. If I’m going to keep with the subscription, then I should probably stop buying new releases. LOL! I’m kind of fearing that the October box may be a “spooky” book I already bought this month too.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with everyone because I was excited about finally getting it! Be on the look out for my “Halloweenie” TBR! I’ll be doing my September book haul post soon as well. I hope you have a great day! Bye! ❤

10 thoughts on “OwlCrate||September.

  1. I love OwlCrate boxes, I’m obsessed with watching unboxings of them on youtube for some reason hahaha. I’d totally get one if they weren’t so expensive D:

    omg I need that Katniss necklace in my life though.

    • The wait list sucks, but once you get a subscription then you always get it every month until you cancel it. So at least once you get it then you have it. Every month they send out emails to people on the wait list when they have more spots. They just sent an email today to wait list people for the October box.

  2. These boxes are so beautiful. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one ever since the first box started circulating BookTube. My bank account is holding me back though. >.< Oh well, maybe next month xD

    • I was watching unboxings on YouTube as well and I was glad to finally get it. I know the waiting this was FOREVER it seemed like. Hopefully you’ll be able to try it out soon! 🙂

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    • I believe they ship to a lot of different places, but I know that shipping to certain places is quite pricey. I am super excited about next month’s box, because I am assuming it’ll be Halloween themed since their theme is “spooky” and that’s exciting. 😀

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