Little Update.

Hi 🙂

I planned to step back from reading so much this month, because I wasn’t enjoying most of what I was reading last month. I felt like it was way too strange, because almost everything I was reading and listening to couldn’t have ALL been not good. I figured I must be burnt out from reading/listening to so many books so far this year (over 100!).

So far I have done that, step back. BUT I think I have definitely fallen into a reading slump as well and I didn’t want that to happen! I still planned to read this month, but at a slower pace than usual. I now find myself not even really wanting to read, sigh. I’ve been reading this eARC for a week now and I’m not even halfway done! I try to read, but my mind just wanders.
I’m not thrilled about this reading slump at all! Hopefully it doesn’t last long, because I’m supposed to be getting Dumplin’ tomorrow and I really want to read it! I had a pretty chill weekend though. I caught up on all my TV shows and then slept most of Sunday. It’s so strange to see my DVR nearly empty.

I watched the first Harry Potter movie last night. I’ve never seen the movies and I just started to listen to the audiobooks this year (I’m on the 6th). I liked the first movie so much better than the first book. Some of the characters weren’t pictured how I seen them in my head though.

Random ColbyJack picture. 😛

That’s all I have for this post! This reading slump is really killing my blogging, because I haven’t been able to post reviews on what I’ve been reading (I haven’t finished many) and I really want to! I wanted to do a post today though, because I haven’t all weekend. Let me know if there are any certain kind of posts that you would like to see me do aside from reviews and tags. I know I do have a few tags to get to though. I hope you all had a great weekend! Bye! ❤