Book Haul Three? ;)

Hi 🙂

I decided to do a little post about the rest of the books that I bought in July (yes, I bought more lol – a couple were free though 😛 ) Sometime over the weekend I will post my recap post of all the books I read throughout the month of July and what I hope for in August. I’m not done reading yet, so I am waiting to post that when I finish my current read!

I had a couple book hauls throughout the month of July and I will link you to those two posts below, if you want to see the other books that I got this month. Below are some newer books that I got that did not make any of those book haul posts. I basically just got some more e-books and they will be listed below.

July Book Haul One.
July Book Haul Two.



Insanity by Cameron Jace
Reckless Magic by Rachel Higginson
Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson
Welcome to the Dark House by Laurie Stolarz
Heart of Tin by Danielle Paige (Dorothy Must Die novella)
Lucky Day by Barry Lyga (I Hunt Killers novella)
Career Day by Barry Lyga (I Hunt Killers novella)
Neutral Mask by Barry Lyga (I Hunt Killers novella)
Blood Boy by Barry Lyga (I Hunt Killers novella)

I am really excited about all of these. Insanity is an Alice in Wonderland retelling, which I LOVE Alice! It’s still currently free right now! Reckless Magic is currently still free right now too! Since You’ve Been Gone was on a ridiculous sale yesterday and I got it for $2.99, so stoked! It’s sadly no longer that price though 😦 – I also couldn’t pass up the new Dorothy Must Die novella and I obviously needed the Jasper Dent (I Hunt Killers) series novellas. More on all of the novellas this weekend in my recap post though. I know I have talked about this series SO MUCH this month, lol. It’s just so amazing and I can’t wait to read these!

I also bought some bookmarks as well from the Etsy shop Happy Hello Art and I got them in the mail today. I am totally in love with them! See below…

Supernatural characters & Percy Jackson!


Funny story: on the way home from work I stopped at Walgreens to get a drink and I seen a “LEO” coke, so I got it (obviously The Heroes of Olympus was my reasoning and I love Leo so much) and my bookmarks were in the mail today! So it was fitting! 🙂 // I’ve also been trying to get these Supernatural ones forever now and they finally got them back in stock. I miss my boys.

I also got some new TOMS today and I figured I would share them as well, because they are just way too cute not to share! Today was a GOOD mail day! They have little umbrellas on them and say “singing in the rain” on the inside! Oh and I added Dumplin’ to my corkboard yesterday and she’s cute up there, of course!


What are some of the books you got this month? What are you currently reading? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Be on the look out over the weekend for my July recap post. In case you missed them, here are a few other posts I’ve done recently linked below.

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.
Thoughts: ARC: Trouble is a Friend of Mine.
Random Update.

I have to go now! Dell actually came to my house today to switch out my hard drive, so I have to setup up my computer and get some reading in before all my Wednesday TV shows start!

PS: Thanks for being awesome followers! Bye!

16 thoughts on “Book Haul Three? ;)

    • Yes! I hope you find some bookmarks you’ll love! The series is definitely addictive and I plan to read these novellas and the final book (Blood of My Blood) in August!

  1. Oh this was the cutest! Especially the little thing about Leo! I love Leo Valdez with all my heart!
    Looks like you got quite a few pretty dark books judging by the covers. 😅
    And those Toms are so cute, along with all those Etsy bookmarks! xoxo

    • Leo is seriously the best! He always needs to be recognized, 😛 .
      Yeah! It’s the rest of the I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent) series! I am seriously so in love with this series so far! I know I’ve talked about it so much this month, haha.
      Thanks! ❤

  2. I desperately need those SPN bookmarks, but I also desperately need my bank account to stay still. Hmm.

    I’ve been really good about buying books this month, but I just got Ready Player One by Ernest Cline in the mail and I AM SO EXCITED.

    • My bank account hates me this month, badly! Haha. It was hard to resist them a second time! I’ve heard that a lot of people really loved Ready Player One; I haven’t heard it though. I hope you enjoy it! I need to start getting better about buying books again. I sucked badly this month, lol.

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