Thoughts: ARC: Trouble is a Friend of Mine.


Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly

**I was sent this e-ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**

I really enjoyed this book so much! I’m glad I was given the opportunity to read it. Trying to form the words to describe this book is so hard though! It was strange, but totally hilarious. I was laughing pretty non-stop throughout the book. There were tons of “what is going on” moments and “wait, what!?” moments. STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN!

The cast of characters were pretty great. Digby was hands down one of the bests! He reminded me so much like Sherlock from the BBC show. I thought he was brilliant and super witty. He made this book what it is. It’s so hard not to fall in love with him! I also enjoyed Zoe and Henry as well; among some others too! I like the mystery aspect of it thrown in too. I love a good mystery and this book put a little twist on that with how the characters were and all the little (and sometimes big crazy) things going on.

This book is a fun, silly, random, and strange read. Some things are totally ridiculous, but kind of in a good way! It’ll definitely keep you laughing, that’s for sure! There are a few little twists, which were nice. I was a little disappointed with how the book ended, but I’m hoping it ended the way that it did so there can be a sequel! I mean…there has to be! I do recommend this book, especially if you need a fun little pick me up! So strange, but totally works!

Goodreads Description: Preparing to survive a typical day of being Digbys friend wasn’t that different from preparing to survive the apocalypse. Her first day not in school (because she cut) in her new hometown that will soon be her old hometown (because she’s getting out of Dodge as fast as she can) Zoe meets Digby. Or rather, Digby decides he’s going to meet Zoe and get her to help him find missing teenager. Zoe isn’t sure how, but Digby—the odd and brilliant and somehow…attractive?—Digby always gets what he wants, including her help on several illegal ventures.

Before she knows it, Zoe has vandalized an office complex with fake snow, pretended to buy drugs alongside a handsome football player dressed like the Hulk, had a throw-down with a possible cult, and, oh yeah, saved her new hometown (which might be worth making her permanent hometown after all.) A mystery where catching the crook isn’t the only hook, a romance where the leading man is decidedly unromantic, a story about friendship where they aren’t even sure they like each other—Trouble is a Friend of Mine is a YA debut you won’t soon forget.

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? Do you think you’ll be adding this book to your TBR? Let me know! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Thoughts: ARC: Trouble is a Friend of Mine.

  1. I received the ARC of this as well and honestly could not get into it. I didn’t even finish it. I think it was the writing style/pace of the book. Glad you liked it though! Wonderful review.

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