Bloggers’ Book Club: June – The Shock of the Fall.

Hi 🙂 I’ve mentioned this quite a few times, but I am in a book club over on Goodreads called Bloggers’ Book Club with some awesome bloggers. I decided to do small little posts that basically just show you guys the book that we’re reading and how I felt about the book. The book chosen for June was…


The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer

“I decided each name on each spine was the person who the book had been written for, rather than who had written it. I decided everyone in the world had a book with their name on, and if I searched hard enough I’d eventually find mine.”

I don’t really have much to say about this book, to be honest. I didn’t really like it as much as I really hoped that I would. I think I had my hopes set way too high. I didn’t really like Matthew. I also thought this book was way too confusing and I didn’t like the writing style. I also hated that it kept switching back and forth to the point that you really didn’t know what was going on or at what point in time it was all happening. I constantly felt like I was missing out on something and I hated that feeling.

It wasn’t extremely horrible, but it wasn’t great at all. I will say, that it did have a lot of good quote worthy stuff. I also liked Nanny Noo, she was pretty cool. I didn’t like any other characters in the book. It was a huge disappointment, because it was my choice for the book club. 😦 I’m pretty sure that if anyone was going crazy in/with this book, it was me as the reader. Maybe that was the point of the way that it was written, who knows. I just didn’t really like it all that much.


“Some madness doesn’t act mad to begin with, sometimes it will knock politely at the door, and when you let it in, it’ll simply sit in the corner without a fuss – and grow.”

Description: While on vacation with their parents, Matthew Homes and his older brother sneak out in the middle of the night. Only Matthew comes home. Ten years later, Matthew tells us, he has found a way to bring his brother back…// What begins as a the story of a lost boy turns into the story of a brave man yearning to understand what happened that night, and in the years since, to himself and to this family. Unafraid to look at the shadows of our hearts, this rare and brilliant debut shows us the strength that is rooted in resilience and love.


“Writing about the past is a way of reliving it, a way of seeing it unfold all over again. We place memories on pieces of paper to know they will always exist.

So that this post isn’t a complete downer, here is a picture of my furbaby ColbyJack chillin on some wrapping paper. I had to use old Christmas wrapping paper to wrap a gift, lol. 😛


I hope everyone is having a great day! Bye!

8 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Book Club: June – The Shock of the Fall.

  1. At first when I read the quote about the spine, I thought it was saying that every book was different and you would be able to find a book with your name on the spine…. nope. That’d be a lot of spines. Hahaha.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy The Shock Of The Fall as much as I did! I guess we cannot all like the same books… ColbyJack is gorgeous as always. 😀

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