The I Am More Happy Than Not Tag.


Hi 🙂

I was tagged by Stefani at Caught Read Handed and Josie at Josies Book Corner to do the I Am More Happy Than Not Tag. Go check out their blogs, because they are totally awesome and I love their posts!

The tag was adapted by Shelumiel @ Bookish and Awesome as a companion to Adam Silvera’s upcoming novel More Happy Than Not. The book sounds like it’ll be a really great read, so I definitely plan to pick it up as soon possible!

For this tag you just have to highlight ways you’ve been able to express happiness from the things—big and small—in your life.

It makes me more happy than not when I receive book mail! Other mail is cool too though.

I’m more happy than not when new music is released from my favorite bands.

Going to a bunch of concerts definitely makes me more happy than not! I think I went to eight last year; counting Warped Tour and I seen a BUNCH of bands there too.

That time I seen The Maine at Warped Tour.

I am totally more happy than not when my two furbabies actually want to cuddle with me. They are loners most of the time.


Binge watching my favorite TV shows always makes me more happy than not.

Falling in love with a new book makes me more happy than not.

When Target has new stuff in their dollar bins it makes me more happy than not. I always go straight there first.

My little family makes me more happy than not.


I live in Florida, so I am more happy than not when it’s not extremely hot outside! It can get pretty bad.

Taking pictures (especially of nature and sunsets) makes me more happy than not. I also have a thing for taking macro shots of snails.



When the boyfriend and I go on movie and dinner dates makes me more happy than not.

PINTEREST! Pinterest always makes me more happy than not. Hours and hours of happiness.

ALSO TEA! Tea always makes me more happy than not!


I am always more happy than not when I have freshly painted nails.

I am more happy than not when I go on random road trips (long or short).

I believe this was when we were on our way home from visiting the boyfriend’s parents in Cape Coral and there is my sunset picture taking again.

The boyfriend and I being huge geeks makes me more happy than not and the fact that we both love Doctor Who so much. 😛

We have a lot of matching stuff, haha.


I could probably go on forever, but I think this is good for now. 🙂 I am tagging:

If you weren’t tagged, you should still do it! It’s a really fun tag to do! Also, feel free to skip if you don’t want to do it! 🙂

Busy day at work today, so I better go! Bye! ❤

21 thoughts on “The I Am More Happy Than Not Tag.

  1. I love this tag, and all of your answers! I love all of your pictures, it makes me want to go to Florida so badly, ahah. Random road trips are the best 🙂 Your matching clothes are so cute!
    Thank you for tagging me Ashley ❤

  2. I love how you and your boyfriend have matching stuff! That’s so adorable. And, YES about Pinterest! 😛
    Great post! I enjoyed reading it. Also, thanks for the tag! 🙂

    • Sometimes it’s so random that we have matching stuff and it’s funny when we don’t even know that we are wearing the same thing until we see each other, haha. Can’t wait to see your answers if you decide to do the tag! 🙂

  3. DOCTOR WHO! AND TEA! Oh how could I forget those lovely things in my tag? I’m a huge fan of both! And I loved your answers and your pictures are adorable! That’s so cool that you can be geeky about Doctor Who with your boyfriend. xoxo

    • Doctor Who and Tea are amazing, for real!
      Thank you! 🙂 The boyfriend and I don’t always like the same TV shows, so it’s awesome when we do find ones that we both really like. ❤

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  6. Love this post and thanks for tagging me 🙂 As I’m reading through yours again I’m seeing a lot of similarities between you and I haha! I’m working on my list right now.

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  9. Thank you for doing the Tag, Ashley! The fact that you and boyfriend geek about stuff and wear matching clothes is beyond adorable! And sunset! There’s not much opportunity for sunset watching from where I live but I always like looking at photos of it. I think there’s something equally pensive and sublime about it. And yes to binge watching and bookish stuff and concerts and bands!

    • It was such a fun tag! So glad I was able to do it! It’s nice when we can geek out about stuff, because we don’t always like the same things. There’s not too many opportunities for me to take sunset pictures, but when I find one I always take it! I live in the city, so it’s definitely hard sometimes. 🙂

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