This is a weekly MEME hosted by Taking on a World of Words. Simply answer the following questions. 🙂

The three Ws are:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

*Goodreads links in the covers.

Currently Reading:


So I’ve been going through this kind of big reading slump and I think it might be slowly going away? I sure am crossing my fingers. Technically I haven’t started Throne of Glass, but I am starting it today and I am really excited about it. Beautiful Chaos I am currently listening to the audiobook. The series was so promising, but honestly, I am halfway through and I am kind of bored of the Caster world and I really don’t like Lena and Ethan deserves better. Ethan and Lena’s relationship is SO annoying. He should totally be with Liv. I actually stopped listening to Beautiful Chaos for awhile and listened to something else. If it wasn’t for the book having to go back to the library in a week, I would listen a different one.

Recently Finished:


So I technically did not finish Dorothy Must Die, but I have 50 pages left and I am finishing it today. I am so glad I am almost finished with it, because this reading slump has totally sucked and I have been trying to finish it since the beginning of March! I really love the book and it’s been sad that I have been taking so long to finish. I finished the Linger audiobook yesterday and I loved it so much! I actually loved Linger more than I loved Shiver. I have the next two books waiting to be listened to after Beautiful Chaos.

Reading Next:


I got The Lie from Netgalley and I am going to be reading it after Throne of Glass and doing a review on my blog about it. I am excited about reading it, because it sounds like it’ll be really good. I read a couple chapters of it, but it’s not enough to really say if I like it. Forever will be the next audiobook I listen to at work, which I seriously can’t wait for since I loved Linger so much.

I plan to start doing more reviews on books on my blog, because I really haven’t been doing much of that and that’s what I really wanted to do when I first started doing this blog. I also need to check out the 2015 reading challenge (the POPSUGAR one), because I haven’t been keeping up with that either and I really wanted to do that this year as well! I got some of them done (there is a category for them on my blog), but no where near where I should have! I’ll have to look at everything again and figure out a plan for the both of these!

Anyway, I really have to get to work! You can check out my last post here – Creative Blogger Award. Some facts about myself and pictures I’ve taken. 🙂 I hope everyone has a great day!

What are you currently reading? Finished reading? Reading next? Or link me to your post!

19 thoughts on “WWW WEDNESDAYS #5.

  1. I haven’t started Throne of Glass yet for book club. I kind of keep forgetting about it with the Reading My Library challenge going on this month… oops lol. I’m glad you liked Linger! That is one that I hope to get to in the next couple of weeks.

    • Hopefully you get to reading it soon! I am excited about starting it today. Everyone has said the series is so great. I can’t wait for you to read Linger. It’s so great and I thought it was so much better than Shiver; although I do like Shiver too, lol. 🙂

      • I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Throne of Glass series so I’m looking forward to getting into that one. I liked Shiver so much (got it from the library) that I bought the boxed set on Amazon the same day I finished it!

  2. I hope you get yourself completely out of that reading slump soon! I was in one lately and it’s so frustrating. Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday.

  3. I really need to start reading The Wolves Of Mercy Falls series soon! Although I will probably end up reading Dorothy Must Die first… I hope you like the Throne Of Glass series; I really enjoyed them, although the first book was the one I enjoyed less. (Mostly because I hate love triangles. 😉 )

    • So far I have really enjoyed The Wolves of Mercy Falls series, especially Linger. Hopefully you can get to them soon! Dorothy Must Die has been so great and I really hope you like it! I don’t really like love triangles either, but hopefully it’s not so bad.

      • I’m looking forward to start reading Shiver soon, and Dorothy is definitely one of my next reads. They both sound so awesome! 😀 The rest of the story makes up for the whole love triangle thing, although I enjoyed the second book (Crown Of Midnight) better than Throne Of Glass itself.

  4. What is your bio like on Netgalley? I haven’t had a review of a book on my blog lately but I want to know what I should write so I get people to send me their books…help!

    • I don’t think it’s a shareable link, but I basically wrote that I have a lot of free time to read books and that I started my blog to show and share my love for books. I also put that I was looking forward to doing more review posts on my blog.

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