Small Book Haul & Random Pictures.

HEY! πŸ™‚

So I recently ordered some books online (delivered today) and I also got a book at Target. Target is totally my go to grocery store now (I find it to be so much cheaper and better quality than most places, besides Publix) and that has its good and bad. The bad being I can’t help but always look at the books and I always end up leaving with at least one of them! I also wanted to order a book online and they were like “if you add $13 more, you can have free shipping” and I used that as an excuse to get another book, which turned into three, because I found a coupon code online, lol! There is seriously something wrong with me, hah.


A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray
The Wicked Will Rise
by Danielle Paige
Dorothy Must Die: Stories by Danielle Page
We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach

Dorothy Must Die: Stories has the three novellas (No Place Like Oz || The Witch Must Burn || The Wizard Returns) in one book. I really wanted to order The Wicked Will Rise, so I added the stories book with it. I also really want to read A Thousand Pieces of You and I am in love with the cover, so I decided to get that one too. I got We All Looked Up at Target, which I am so excited about. It sounds like such an amazing book!


OH HEY, it’s ColbyJack! He loves books and boxes and he got both of them. If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen some of these pictures already. If you’re not, you should totally follow me! πŸ™‚ —> heyyitsashley

GOOD NEWS, GUYS! I finished Dorothy Must Die! YAY! I loved it, so I am excited to eventually read these other books. It took me so long to read it, because of the reading slump.


My boyfriend sent me this picture of ColbyJack today at work. He said he was looking everywhere in the apartment for him and then finally found him sleeping under the blanket. Pizza & beer = perfection & dinner tonight. πŸ™‚


Dax has my heart, seriously. I love my pup so much! Books & beer = perfection too! I am off to start Throne of Glass tonight. New book, means new bookmark. SHERLOCK ❀

Alright…that’s all for this post. I did a post earlier today that you can check out over here: WWW Wednesdays. You can also check out my post from a couple days ago over here: Creative Blogger Award. Fun stuff! πŸ™‚ I hope everyone has a good night! I’m totally crossing my fingers that my reading slump is slowly letting up. Let’s see how that works out when I start this book tonight! BYE! πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Small Book Haul & Random Pictures.

  1. The Dorothy Must Die series…what are the order of those books? I tried figuring it out for at least an hour last night and couldn’t 😦

    • Dorothy Must Die is the first book. The Wicked Will Rise is the second book. The novellas that I mentioned are things that happened before Dorothy Must Die (first book). Hope this helped!

  2. Awesome haul! The covers are so pretty! And, so glad you finished “Dorothy Must Die!” πŸ™‚

    I haven’t heard of “We All Looked Up.” I will have to check that out!

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  4. Great pictures! There’s nothing wrong with you, I’m the same! Everytime I’m telling myself I’ll buy, one book, I end up getting three, ahah πŸ™‚
    I can’t wait for you to read A Thousand Pieces of You, loved this book, I hope you’ll enjoy it, too! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you πŸ™‚
      Buying books is just so addicting! I want to own them all, lol. I will find any excuse or make up any to get an extra one, lol!
      I am hoping to read it next month if I can’t get it in this month. πŸ™‚ Once I do, I’ll let you know what I thought of it.

  5. I actually got The Wicked Will Rise and The Dorothy Must Die Stories books for Easter (which I celebrated on last Thursday with my mum) and I have to say I am so glad these books are getting more popular. I’ve been dying to get A Thousand Pieces Of You and I will definitely check out We All Looked Up. I love this post and I am so glad that I am now following your blog!
    Thanks for reading.
    Best of luck,
    The Time Traveling Writer.

    • I recently just finished Dorothy Must Die, so I am excited about reading the others. We All Looked Up sounds like it’ll be a really great read, so definitely check it out! Thank you and thank you for following my blog! πŸ™‚

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