30 Day Book Challenge // Day 14.

Hi 🙂

A quick post, because I am going to go see Insurgent tonight with the boyfriend. We are re-watching Divergent before the movie starts.

Day 14: Book you tell people you’ve read, but haven’t (or haven’t actually finished).


I don’t think I have ever told anyone I read a book and not actually have read it or finished it. There are two books that I started, but haven’t finished yet though. I do plan on finishing them and I don’t tell anyone that I have read them. I might mention that I started them, but I never claim to have actually read them through completely.

I read the first Harry Potter book pretty quickly and started to read the second. I couldn’t get into the book, so I put it on hold and started to read others. I do plan on picking it up again and eventually reading the rest of the series at some point this year. I swore a long time ago that I would never read any of the books or see any of the movies, but now I want to. I’m not really sure why I told myself I would never get into Harry Potter whatsoever, but it seems kind of silly now that I think about it. I am looking forward to reading this book and the rest of them, hopefully soon.

Endgame: The Calling I started when it first came out and then about 30% (according to Kindle), I stopped reading it. It wasn’t horrible, but I couldn’t really get into it or stay focused on it. It felt like it was taking me so long to read it and I found my mind drifting to other things. There are so many points of views that I started to get lost and confused. I am actually waiting on the audiobook from the library to listen to at work. I don’t think I can physically read it myself. I know it might sound like I hate the book, but I don’t and I didn’t get so far into it to where I can even say I completely hated it. It has just taken so long to really get into it. My fault, not the book’s…at least that is how I view it right now. I do plan on finishing it even if that means listening to it.

Dax got a haircut today! He always looks so cute with his haircuts. ❤


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Anyway, I am off to finish Divergent with the boyfriend. He started it without me (I am listening though). Bye! 🙂

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