30 Day Book Challenge // Day 12.

Hi 🙂

I hope everyone had a good day today! I’m just going to jump right into today’s post and then a random little update and some pictures at the end.

Day 12: Favorite poem or collection of poetry.


The cover makes me dizzy, lol. Goodreads linked in the cover.

So for today’s post I am supposed to post a favorite poem or collection of poetry. I have done a post on this book before, but I love it so much. You can check out my other post about this book that I used for the 2015 reading challenge over here. I am going to post two poems from this book in my post, because they are all so great and it was hard to really choose! The book is filled with amazing photography, poems, and words. I love it so much! Anyway…

The Layer’s Unseen
“There is magic even here, in gridlock, in loneliness, in too much work, in late nights gone on too long, in shopping trolleys with broken wheels, in boredom, in tax returns, the same magic that made a man write about a princess that slept until she was kissed, long golden hair draped over a balcony and fingers pricked with needles. There is magic even here, in potholes along back-country roads, in not having the right change (you pat your pockets), arriving late and missing the last train home, the same magic that caused a woman in France to think that God spoke to her, that made another sit down at the front of a bus and refuse to move, that lead a man to think that maybe the world wasn’t flat and the moon could be walked upon by human feet. There is magic. Even here. In office cubicles.”

The AWOL Hearts
“Let’s play hopscotch in malls. Let’s drive fast with the top down. Let’s turn up the music as loud as it’ll go. Let’s put a couch on an island in the middle of the freeway and wave at everyone on their way to work. Let’s hug strangers in parking lots. Let’s hand out secret messages at traffic lights. Let’s make lists of all the things that make us smile and tick them off, one at a time. The world will carry on without you and me when we’re gone. Let it carry on without us, today.”

What is one of your favorite poems or a collection of your favorite poems? Let me know in the comments!

Random update:
I’ve been good with not buying any books and I am proud of myself for that. I did however, buy other things. I bought a new pair of shoes (TOMS – which will be here Friday!), I bought a new book light and I am totally excited about it (Doctor Who of course – that’ll be here this week too), and I ordered some things from Bath & Body Works and it was delivered today! I am so glad I had a $50 gift card for B&BW and a 20% off coupon. The total at the end was about $60, so I only had to use $10 of my own money! 🙂 That’s always exciting. Today I baked cookies with my younger sister and decorated them. I also saved some for my niece and nephew to decorate. That’s always fun.

The little bags (four little bags) have more hand santizers in them. I still haven’t opened them yet. I need to, because I want to smell them, lol. I also need to reorganize all my B&BW stuff over the weekend. I just have so many pocketbacs (hand sanitizers), ugh. Maybe almost 500? I’m crazy.


My decorated cookies! SPRINKLESSSSSSSS! I only ate one and then let everyone else have the rest. I just wanted to decorate. And then me…always reading. 😉 I’m using my Supernatural bookmark. I love my boys and so glad they are back tomorrow!

That’s all for this post! In case you missed it, you can check out my day 11 post about five random books on my to be read list over here and if you love cats, you can see a cute picture of my kitten ColbyJack at the end of the post, lol! 🙂 I might not do my post for tomorrow, because I’ll probably go to the movies to see Cinderella with the boyfriend. I also still need to post the entry I wrote for The Glass Arrow. I think I might post it over the weekend. It’s sitting in my drafts. Anyway, that’s all! BYE!