30 Day Book Challenge // Day Seven.

Hi 🙂

It’s been crazy busy today and I finally got caught up with Once Upon A Time and a couple other shows that were sitting on my DVR. That’s why my post for today is being posted kind of late tonight. Sometimes I get so caught up in reading or binge watching shows on Netflix that my DVR fills up so fast. I actually have no shows started on Netflix (that’s a first) and I’m pretty much caught up on my DVR (that’s definitely a first in awhile). Sad to admit, but I have no social life whatsoever, so books and TV shows are pretty much my life (besides the boyfriend and our furbabies). But anyway!

Day 07: A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t.


I have had Cinder by Marissa Meyer on my TBR list since 2013 and I have been really wanting to read it, but still haven’t gotten around to it. I’ve heard a lot of great things about it and notice that a lot of people love the series so much. I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I definitely want to. I finally bought the book and I am hoping to get around to reading it this month or for sure in April. I also have had Paper Towns by John Green and The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken on my reading list since the time I added Cinder. I own all three books now, so I am hoping that soon they will be no longer on my TBR list.

Is there any books that you have wanted to read for a long time, but haven’t read yet?

I am torn between reading before bed or watching The Following; both are excellent choices. I do have a discussion on the first half of The Glass Arrow with the book club (Bloggers’ Book Club) tomorrow night – I am not quite to the halfway mark, but almost, so I may try to get more reading from that done before then. Decisions, decisions. In case you missed it, you can check out my day six post about my favorite book from my favorite series over here and you can check out my new bookmarks that I can’t wait to use, lol.

I went to a carnival with my older sister, niece, and nephew on Sunday night. They had fun. Here’s a picture from that and then I should go. bye! 🙂


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