Random Ramble.

I haven’t done a post since Friday and I’ve been kind of holding off until I get my new computer on Wednesday. It’ll be so nice doing posts from my own computer. I hate asking to borrow computers or trying to do posts from my phone that I usually give up on and edit at work.

I started to read Dorothy Must Die and then four chapters in I started to feel guilty for starting it and not having finished Yes Please like I told myself I would. So I stopped reading it and went back to Amy Poehler’s book.

Breaking all the rules before I felt guilty about it…

Currently my started but not finished books are (not including Dorothy Must Die):

158811733126920510241+ Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling
+ Lost in Babylon (Seven Wonders Book 2) by Peter Lerangis
+ Endgame: The Calling by James Frey

I really didn’t want to add to the list and make it end up being uncontrollable. It’s not even that I didn’t like these books, I DO! I just found other books that sounded a bit better, sigh. I am currently 140 pages from being done with Yes Please, so I can do it! FYI: Yes Please is great, so don’t let me discourage you. I really like it, I just have been in the mood for a different type of book. I will have these three books finished by the end of this year and cross my fingers I don’t add to this list.

It’s almost the end of the month, so I’ll be doing my February recap of the books I read. That’s always exciting. I like to look back on all the books I’ve read. It feels pretty cool, you know? This month was a good month too.

My birthday is next Tuesday (March 3rd)! I’ll be 27…I swear I still feel like a child most of the time. I have no plans, but that’s okay. I don’t usually do much, to be honest. I really just want some cake. Maybe ice cream. Definitely cake though.

I bought The Night Circus the other day at Target. I really should not be allowed in stores that sell books. I also bought a bunch of random things to go on my new desk at home. You can never have enough paper clips, post it notes, and thumbtacks that you’ll never use! You might use them, but I know I won’t.

I hinted (I told, lol) to my boyfriend that I really wanted a whiteboard (that is magnetic) and a cork board for the walls by my desk. Will I ever use them? Probably not. Would it look insanely cute? Of course. Our room isn’t cluttered enough, obviously. Probably 95% of the things in our apartment is mine.

I collect way too many things and I love cute things, so you know, I just buy everything even if I don’t need it or ever use it. Buying books is not my only problem, not at all. I’m pretty sure my kitten and my dog have more toys than the average human child. They don’t touch them, but I keep buying them.

I might be a little crazy. “Little” might be an understatement too. Today I burned my frozen pizza in the oven and got insanely sad about it. I told my boyfriend I sucked at life and he told me I just sucked at cooking. So there’s that.

Anyway…I’ll leave you with a picture, because everyone loves pictures. I was hanging out with pelicans the other day, because it’s kind of cool. He also thought I had fish…sadly, he was mistaken.


My dog is currently snoring right now and it’s pretty cute. I’m off to read until the boyfriend gets home. We have a date with Sam, Dean, and Castiel; can’t keep my boys waiting!

Have you read any good books recently? Is there any books you’ve started, but haven’t finished?

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