Top Ten Tuesday: Book related problems I have.


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

1: I am constantly buying books and then never reading them. It’s not that I don’t want to read them, I just have a problem with buying books. I want to own all the books, so I buy buy BUY! My older sister says I’m a hoarder.

2: Continually adding books to my TBR list. SERIOUSLY THOUGH. I am adding new books every day and books I’ve added tend to get lost or forgotten about for awhile. I have books added years ago and forgot about.

3: Starting a book and stopping to read something else. This has become a fairly new problem of mine. I used to HATE doing this, but over the last few months it’s been kind of my thing. I hate that I do it now. It’s not even that I don’t like the book I’m reading, I just want to read everything.

4: Series, enough said. I tend to always read series books. I get too attached to characters and stories, so I think that’s why I read series books more. I never want the story to end! Give me more!

5: Having trouble picking what to read next. This is kind of a big problem for me. I never know what I want to read next. Looking at my TBR list can be overwhelming because of that. I tend to pick what’s at the top of my list (recently added) and that goes along with #2 and how older adds get lost.

6: Forever reading. My boyfriend swears he’s in a relationship with a book. I don’t think he even fully understands my love for books and reading. He always says it’s “lame” and I always tell him that his face is lame. We’re so grown up. I once went to a Cubs baseball game and read instead.


7: Always recommending books to people. I get so excited about a book I read, so I tend to tell the world even if they could careless. I will go on and on about how great it is and how they should read it NOW! I would probably even offer to buy you the book if you say no or don’t want to “waste” your money on it, lol.

8: And that brings me to my next thing; when people tell me reading is “a waste of time” or buying books is “a waste of money”. Seriously, no. You’re a waste of time! I think it’s so annoying when people bash the fact that I read all the time or buying books all the time. I could be doing worse; you know, hardcore drugs and all. 😉

9: I find the “physical copy vs. e-reader” issue to be so annoying. Who cares!? No matter how you read the book, the story doesn’t change. The fact that I can buy the same book for half the price on Kindle is great, because then I can buy even more books. I love both ways and I hate how disgusted some people can get when you say you read on an e-reader. It’s like you insulted them personally. I will say though…I’m about 90% sure I need glasses now due to reading so much on my iPhone and iPad. BLEHHH…


10: I read way too much, so that’s all I talk about. I think all my conversations end up being about books. Ask the bestie (The Art of Failing); our conversations always end up with me telling her about all the books I read or something happening in a book or buying books.

What are some of your book related problems?