Concert withdraws.

I am having major concert withdraw today! I usually have at least four concerts lined up by now. I am pretty excited about Tuesday though, because I plan on buying Taking Back Sunday tickets and Of Mice & Men/Crown the Empire tickets. Both shows are in April. I’ve seen them all before, but I love them so much.

I buy concert tickets like I buy books; I can’t stop. 😉

At the end of last year I seen Knuckle Puck (second time seeing them) and I have been playing their music on repeat for months since then. I was jamming out to them in the car today and it made me have major withdraws. I am craving a good pop punk show though. I’ve had this song on repeat this morning.

What are some of your favorite music artists/bands? What was a favorite concert you’ve been to?

Enjoy 🙂

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